Petrol Shortage in Balochistan Can Affect It’s Supply Across Country

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Quetta and other parts of Balochistan witnessed a shortage of petrol and diesel on Tuesday after the Customs and Frontier Corps authorities’ crackdown against the smuggled Iranian Oil lead to stopping several oil tankers coming from Karachi. Most of the fuel stations in Quetta and other parts of province remained closed due to this impromptu strike from the All-Pakistan Oil Tankers’ Association, causing problems for consumers.

Sources reveal that a majority of fuel stations in the province do not have access to sufficient amount of petrol and diesel stock. In the latest development, the president of the oil tankers’ association remarked that Custom and FC authorities’ have seized several oil tankers coming from Karachi to Quetta.

“We will stop petrol and diesel supply to the entire country if customs officials do not release oil tankers stopped at several places in the province” said Noor Muhammad Shahwani, president of the All-Pakistan Oil Tankers’ Association. He further added that the association will not call off the strike until all seized oil tankers are released by the officials. Sources report that Customs and FC had stopped 60 tankers in Luck-Pass area after receiving information about the presence of smuggled petrol.

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  1. Junaid says

    The oil is being clearly smuggled in front of all these officials in Drums on top of coaches and wagons in Baluchistan.
    Also the shops selling oil with a bottle on their front door indicating smuggled oil is visible all over the country… if action has to be taken.. take it against all the chain… from the smuggler to the official who helped the smuggler and the seller to the middle man…

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