Petrol vs. Diesel Engine: What Would You Prefer?

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People often ask about the difference between petrol and diesel engines. Diesel in Pakistan these days costs around Rs.72.52/Ltr while petrol is Rs.64.27/Ltr. Majority of the cars on Pakistani roads are petrol. In this article, I am going to compare the diesel engines and petrol engines.

Diesel and Petrol

The Diesel Engine

Diesel engines are more efficient when they are compared with petrol engines. Diesel is denser than petrol and produces more power. Diesel has about 20% more energy than petrol. Most diesel engines built today have turbo. Torque is an important factor when it comes to the engines, and diesel engines produce more torque at lower revs. You need more torque instead of horsepower when overtaking a car. In Europe, the Diesel car owners pay less taxes because they have lower CO2 emissions.

The Petrol Engine

When compared to diesel, petrol burns at lower compression. This is why petrol engines make less noises and vibrations. Petrol engines cost less to manufacture and this is why petrol cars cost relatively less than diesel cars. Petrol engines are lighter, and because they are light, the weight on the front end of the car is less too. This makes petrol have better handling. Petrol engines today have improved in fuel efficiency, due to advancement in technology. Petrol engines are generally faster than diesel engine, though you will need to rev the engine hard to unleash the full power of the engine. This is a negative if you are looking at the fuel efficiency.

Diesel engines are ideal if you do a lot of kilometres on your car, they are more fuel saving than petrol. When choosing a Petrol engine or a Diesel engine, you have to choose your preferences. The difference between the two engines is quite small, though the logical choice seems to be a diesel engine. Unfortunately though, the number of diesel cars in Pakistan are very few.

Do share your opinion on whether you prefer petrol engine or diesel.

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  1. Sultan Kiani says

    I love diesel engines but not the tractor like 2C and the one fitted in Fiat UNO. Let’s wait and see if IMC brings Revo with a better D-4D and also hope that EU manufacturers don’t follow the local trends and bring some cars with modern diesel engines in Pakistan.

    Now EU is focusing on Electric Vehicles rather than diesel cars. And their diesel engines are super clean, much better than our Suzuki Cultus petrol engine. Our diesel is very bad, if Peugeot introduce cars with BlueHDI diesel in Pakistan, it’ll fail with in weeks! Only Toyota D-4D can survive our dirty diesel.

    And you didn’t mention about Detroit diesels of North America

  2. Guest says

    In fact D-4D direct injection also cannot survive with this diesel. Only Bedford aka raacket or 2C, 2L can. 1KD and 2KD fuel injectors give lots of problems with local diesel.

    Corolla is marketed with Toyota 1.4L 1ND in India & Spain. It is also direct injection and people have same complaints as the 1KD.

  3. Zulfiqar Ali Soomro says

    I have seen lots of D-4Ds fail because of the dirty diesel, their turbos malfunction within a few years. Pata nai kya hoga humara, khaanay se lekar fuel tak me jugaar maray hue hain.

  4. Sultan Kiani says

    We went to a trip to 17-Meel farmhouse in 2014 and Govt owned Toyota Hiace 2007-08 model was our ride. Luckily, I was able to get front passenger seat. I asked the driver how long has he been driving this D-4D Van. He said he was the 2nd driver to get it, when the van had covered only 8-9K kilometers. And even after 7 years and some 90K + kilometers, NO SERIOUS ENGINE PROBLEMS!

    (Please note that he was NOT working at IMC or trying to sell his Hiace to me, so I believe him)

  5. Javed faziljaved says

    Yes you are right. Most D4D engines failed especially the one that came prior to 2004. D4D is a common rail hight compression engine and the injectors can go bad if the diesel is not right. That has happened to a lot of toyota vehicles. Some lucky ones are still running but I bet if their injectors are inspected they will turn out to be 40% to 60% efficient which makes the vehicle keep on running and the drivers don’t bother much even if the notice a slight difference in performance. Many can’t even detect that.

  6. Muhammad Abdullah says

    Real food of engines which revs it is Diesel and there is no doubt about it.

  7. Zulfiqar Ali Soomro says

    Ahan but I think d-4ds with turbo have this problem which is quite common. The last one I saw was a 2008 Vigo with a failed turbo and a few more before that, so…

  8. Sultan Kiani says

    Turbo is always a pain in Pakistan. Anyway after how many KMs did the Vigo’s turbo failed? Did they use the truck for off-road racing or any abuse etc?

  9. Zulfiqar Ali Soomro says

    I dont have an idea about their mileage, I will note next time when they’re around (hopefully not lol). And yeah, a bit of both, used a lot in interior. My mechanic told me turbo requires hi speed diesel but since it is not available on every pump, normal diesel is used which is of low grade and it damages the turbo along with dust in those areas. And Thailand Vigos are notorious for this problem, Champ is successful (as per people’s views). This is precisely the reason why I think Civic 1.5T wont survive for long because petrol is even poor and high octane is only provided in a few selected cities.

  10. Sultan Kiani says

    And you forgot to mention UK’s Vigos are the most vulnerable to fail in Pakistan because EU diesel is the cleanest in the world

  11. Zulfiqar Ali Soomro says

    I have not seen any UK Vigos around. What are their specs? Cost? Thailand and Champ are more common here

  12. Sultan Kiani says

    It’s also called Vigo and it is not much different then Thai or Pakistani versions. I’m not sure but I guess this tow-bar for trailer is a special feature in English Hilux Vigo. This one is for sale on Pakwheels with UK’s license plate still on!!!

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