Pictures: 2012 Suzuki Mehran EFI spotted

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Last year we told you that Suzuki will be bringing out Wagon R in place of Alto and Mehran is being tested with an EFI engine with minor facelifts. Now though, a vigilant Pakwheels member has spotted the new facelift Mehran EFI at a dealership in Defence, Karachi.

Apart from the minor change in the front grille, a newly added Euro-II sticker at the back and an EFI system added in the same two decades old engine, everything’s the same.

The funny thing is that you can add all this stuff that makes the Mehran a new model in any of the previous Mehran because a there’s just a sticker and a new grille. While we heard sometime in the past that few guys have started offering EFI kits for different vehicles including Mehran. So everything can be retrofitted on old models, I mean how hard can it be?

Prices have already increased exorbitantly as well after each auto assembler releasing Euro-II compliant model making these cars pack absolutely zero value for money but when you have zero options for a new car, we’re basically a bit helpless unless some new foreign auto manufacturer steps in as well.

Expected Suzuki Mehran Euro II compliant Vehicles Prices:

Mehran VX: Rs 5,65000
Mehran VXR: Rs. 6,15000

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  1. Siddiq Ahmed says

    what is EFI spotted? we just khow EFI.

  2. Farhan Umar says

    alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllla ha

  3. M Kaleem Abid says

    Electronic fuel injection (EFI)

  4. Kamran Abbasi says

    great but shape must changed.

  5. Sohail Nasir says

    gr8 but shape.

  6. SaAdee TaRiq says

    allllllllllllllllllll aaaaaaaaaaaa gari ha.

  7. Faisal Muhammad says

    Poor air condition in 550000 break not in working Have you any solution?

  8. Ahmad AK says

    Its the same

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