Pictures: Cars explode when jump starting a car goes wrong

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In my teenage days, CNG wasn’t so popular and we didn’t know much about cars so a couple of times I had mistakenly tried jump-starting or the popular dhakka start but as they say that you can’t wake up who isn’t sleeping and that I was the one who parked the car with a dry petrol tank.

But if someone had showed me this pictures in those days, I would’ve had parked my car never ever again with an empty fuel tank so that I don’t mistakenly do this to my car.

So, internet auto-school 101: Positive to positive and negative to negative are two very important things to remember when jump starting a car. Otherwise you could end up with two burnt cars, like the ones seen here.

Reddit user Quacktastic69 posted these pictures of the aftermath of a friend’s attempt at a jump-start gone very very wrong. As the poster says that while jump-starting the red Volkswagen wires got crossed and the battery was the first to catch fire and than, as you can see, pretty much everything else.

While nobody got hurt is a good thing however, tempers are going to flare more than the fire.

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