Pictures of new Lamborghini’s SUV leaked

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Lamborghini is all set to reveal its SUV at the Beijing auto show pretty soon, but a picture that is printed in the EVO magazine and CarUK who managed to obtain an early copy of the magazine have now leaked the picture of what is expected to be called, ‘Lamborghini Urus’.

The details of the engine, size and other stuff that you’re anticipating will be published pretty soon as official reveal is just around the corner however, the Lamborghini is anticipated to be based on the same platform as the next Porsche Cayenne, Q7 and the Bentley SUV but it is going to be the lightest of them all.

The engine is expected to be 600 HP Bentley’s V8 but we’re not sure about it either, but this raised Lamborghini coupe’s will be revealed in just a matter of days.

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