Public Transport and Ride-Hailing Service To Get Operational in Sindh

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After a long period of lockdown and social distancing measures, the Government of Sindh has agreed to make public transportation and ride-hailing services operational in the province. It was decided in a meeting between transporters and government officials. Syed Awais Qadir, Minister of Transport, also validated this decision. Proper guidelines and SOPs have been laid out for both public transportation and ride-hailing services to control the spread of the virus. Under these SOPs, only two people will be allowed to travel in a car under ride-hailing services.

To ensure that there is compliance with the SOPs enforced by the government, an inspection and monitoring cell was formed earlier. The task of this monitoring cell will be to report instances where SOPs are not being followed. If the reported instances of SOP violations are high in the future, public transportation and ride-hailing services will be stopped again. Commuters need to wear masks and remain at a safe distance from each other. A responsible behavior from the public will keep transportation services open for everyone. Buses will be not be stuffed or overloaded with passengers in any case.

Drivers are also intimated to provide hand sanitizer to the passengers entering the bus or car. They also need to ensure that everyone is practicing social distancing measures in the bus. Failure to do so will result in strict action against the driver. On the request of the federal government, provincial governments of Sindh and KPK halted public transportation. However, recently both the provinces resumed public transportation to facilitate daily commuters going to work and elsewhere.

Previously, the Punjab Government made it compulsory to obtain tickets from the online ticketing system of the inter-city bus service. Buses are disinfected after every trip and there are hand sanitizers in the buses. Online ticketing will see a surge even after coronavirus is over as it is convenient for the commuters.

Stay tuned for more news-related content and drop your thoughts in the comments section below. Do you think public transportation should be resumed at this time or is it too early?

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