PW Exclusive: 2014 Toyota Corolla Altis details leaked

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Toyota Corolla Altis is going to be different than everything else, even Corollas themselves. That’s what we have learned through reliable sources about the upcoming Corolla. The previous Altis had to use lame marketing gimmicks to be different than its line-up, like sticking SR emblems which actually just stood for something very basic, ‘Sun Roof’. So this one, would kind of be like what M BMW’s are to their normal, off-the-steroids siblings. I know, I know it is a blasphemous comparison but there isn’t other way to help you better understand the new Altis.
New Corolla in general now has a grown up wheelbase by 100mm which translates into larger room within the cabin. That’s a universal growth for Corolla over the rest of the models but Altis is an entirely new car. New and different engine, transmission, gears, steering, et all.
We’ll begin with the engine that’s coming in the new Altis, the 1.8L powerhouse is back! It is an all-new engine according to our sources, which has directly ascended from the Malaysian Corolla Altis. It is the 2ZR-FE. Also to note is that the 1.8 liter engine doesn’t only mean more POWERRR!!! but it also means that the car would be even more expensive.
The last 1.8L, the 1ZZ-FE is quite different to the new 1.8 liter 2ZR-FE. 1ZZ-FE produced 124hp and 170Nm of torque while the new 2ZR-FE produces 132 HP and 173 Nm of torques. (According to Malaysian websites) However, the new Pakistani Altis will now have a 7-Speed Super CVT-i transmission or as the geeks would say: Super CVT-i with a Seven speed sequential mode, the transmission is code named: K313, for you geeks out there. Like the Honda CR-Z we drove earlier, the CVT is not a sports or enthusiasts’ transmission but it offers smooth changes and has been reputed for its gain in fuel economy however, it is a dull transmission, but to provide some sense of sporty feel, the Altis has ‘paddle shifters’. Remember City Steermatic? Yes. But this one has paddle shifts at the back of the steering.
There are a total of nine colors which includes the all-new ‘Attitude Black’ which replaces the old ‘Solid Black’. There’s one color though, which has been kept as exclusive for Altis; ‘Beige Metallic’. A sporty car, with the most beige color of them all, instead of Monte Carlo Blue or Nova Grey, your paddle-shifting sports Corolla can have a Beige color. Dark color signify aggressive, attack cars which Indus wants this Corolla to be portrayed as.
Where do you spend the time most some would say? The inside. So the interior should be great and comfortable. Well, the new Altis has bucket seats with height adjusters while the rear seats are reclining as well so that’s a plus. You have already seen the interior shots of the Corolla, and our source says that a multimedia touch system is installed whose name literally starts today and ends three days later, its called by Toyota; “Integrated Design Smart Infotainment System with Internet Connectivity”. Imagine telling that to your friends!
Moreover, Altis will have leather steering and audio control buttons on it, and on the back of it, will be the paddle-shifters. Altis will also have cruise control and Switchtronic while all this luxury and techfest can be unlocked by a wireless key, but you still don’t get immobilizer which is the biggest complaint of Corolla owners with Toyota I have known.
Talk about mileage, though my source wasn’t able to pull out exact figures but we’re told that the mileage, despite having a CVT transmission, is the same as the new Civic.
Wheels, I am sure you would’ve noticed in the first pictures we leaked, they are 15-inch 7-spoke wheels for the Altis.
The new Altis then seems to be the reincarnation of the buffalo resembling Altis from 2006 which had a 1.8 liter engine, and a sun-roof most importantly, and it had some hype surrounding it during its launch which died down steadily to a complete stall when the 2009-10 1.6 liter Altis arrived and rightly so, because it was just another Corolla with a unnecessary bigger engine and price tag for something, only a bit different to say, Gli. The new one though, seems to be completely different car. And unfortunately, its beige.
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  1. Usman Haider Sheikh says

    i dare say that this cvt wont survive even on petrol unlike vario in which even cng was a success with some setups.

  2. Wasif Qayyum says

    no immobiliser means no piece of mind.. i will never buy corolla if it has no Immobiliser.. !!!!

  3. Muhammad Ahmed Qamar says

    I thinks its an improvement, But what I do not understand is that why do they have to give those cheap plastic nobs for the Dashboard, 2.5 million car SHOULD have a climate control for God sake.

  4. Hadis Saeed says

    They want the cars to get stolen themselves that is why they dont give immobilisers.

  5. Malik Aftab says

    People are shifting towards Hybrid cars and in this market you think 1.8L is good to launch? Which will also take price up for buyers. I am keeping my expectation low because its still Toyota Corolla.

  6. Asher Saeed says

    What the f*** is a City Vario Steermatic??? Please do some fact checking before writing nonsense. Also there is no such thing as a 7 Speed CVT.

  7. Baber Kaleem Khan says

    Calm down, take a deep breath. And listen listen: a) It was a typo and b) We have even provided the transmission engineering code and yet:
    Its A 7-Speed Super CVT. Please do some fact checking before unnecessarily nagging in public.

  8. Asher Saeed says

    Do you comprehend how a CVT works? Clearly not because you're still insisting it has speeds. Secondly, if you claim to write for an auto enthusiast blog, you should be prepared for criticism when writing nonsense.

  9. Baber Kaleem Khan says

    Asher Saeed I take criticism in a gentlemanly order, and so I have shown by making corrections to your suggestions previously with gratitude. But you don't know how to talk in public given your yelling and profanities riddled nagging . However, go argue with Toyota about what 7-Speed CVT is, I have just written what ENGINEERS at Toyota said what it is. Of course, you always know better and more.

  10. Asher Saeed says

    I'm not even going to bother justifying what's been said/written. The so called engineers that you speak of are nothing more than glorified mechanics who are being fed marketing nonsense. Your source is not the person who designed the transmission but some nontechnical guy who has memorised the marketing brochure by heart. These are the same geniuses who claimed proudly that the previous generation of Corolla had 15" disc brakes (with 15" alloy wheels). But hey, it's your blog and you're free to believe whatever you want and write whatever you want. You can blog about the "Super Corolla" or "Ultra Civic" that can fly and beat a Ferrari Enzo on a drag strip, it's your blog that becomes the laughing stock.

  11. Faizan Waseem says

    132 hp..,haha power !

  12. Umer Saeed says

    @asharsaeed. A 7 speed continuously variable transmission(CVT) does exist. Please do not get confused between actual gears and gear ratios. It allows a smoother shift however its efficiency is about 88%, on the bright side it allows the engine to adapt to the most efficient rations and revolutions per minute (RPM) thus providing more fuel economy. Its a plausible technology and has been here for ages now. Takes one to know their car and ratios to get optimum results on a cvt. Worked brilliantly on the Honda City. Takes nothing to bullshit on social media but please get atleast some facts before making statements. Kudos to you sir for calling engineers a bunch of non-technical people. As far as marketing gimmicks are concerned none of the detailed publications like brochures are compiled here in Pakistan and trust me on the fact that they do not bullshit based on non factual information where they come from. And when they say actual product may vary they re so not hinting a 5 speed car to be marketed as a 7 speed. I hope you enjoy this comment as much as I did reading yours, you sound like someone who paid for a corolla but were delivered a mehran nonetheless it was a laugh for sure but surely got me to comment on PW for the first time.

    P.s I have no links with PW or Toyota just btw, I do happen to be a one of those non technical people you referred to at one of the worlds most prestigious auto makers. Cheers buddy I know its hot in Pakistan, have a sikanjibeen.

  13. Nurlan Irkenivich says

    what a fuckin asshole

  14. Aamir Amin says

    I purchased civic last month. I should have waited for this a,axing car who h looks better than civic

  15. Drirfan Mughal says

    Please what a lack of basic knowledge in this article why its been written with all rubbish like
    1.8 l engine 1 zr fe replaced by 2 zr fe q.i engine baba
    1zr fe is 1.6 l 124bhp dual vvt
    2zr fe is 1.8 l 132 bhp dual vvt
    2zr fe 1.8 l valvematic 140 bhp but less torque
    For God sake from where 'M' devison BMW fitted in do you know what M3, M4, M5, M6 are how diffrent from regular 3,4,5,6 series bmw?? How linked to new corolla steptronic type cvt??
    Have you ever gone through even indian article which not liked but better levels and information…..please please

  16. Drirfan Mughal says

    If someone gives wrong information you post/print in media..dear you are wrong please dont let indian auto mag let laugh at atleast? Go through
    Road and track
    Car and driver
    Motor trend
    Car guide
    Auto week
    German car fans
    So many more countless
    Even if you have difficulty i can guide you dear but please dont do this.

  17. Mudasir Jalil says

    bohat acha kia tum
    agar is ka intzar krty tu phr ruswa hoty
    Indus Toyota is bullshit

  18. Aamir Amin says

    Mudasir Jalil indus motors is a bull shit, but this new corolla is awesome

  19. Obaid Iqbal says

    Paddle Shifters !

  20. Amir Iftikhar Warraich says

    Any thought how the 2014 Altis will compete against the 2013 Civic? Let me be frank: I bought the 9th generation Civic last and have been very satisfied, but have not test driven the 2014 Altis yet …

  21. Ahmed Hembel says

    Asher, I have also heard about the 7 speed cvt. What I think is it will be a normal cvt in auto(D) mode but when using paddle shifting, this will change gears like a normal paddle shifting gearbox. Its not that difficult to understand if you really know how a cvt works. Lets just wait and see what it really is.

  22. Nabeel Shk says

    Cannot speculate anything yet ,,, Toyota indus is already suffering because of Import and tough competition in market to attract people who are used to driving Japanese Imports Toyota needs to pull a Monkey out of its butt……… Otherwise Corolla will again be a part of a Villages….. 2.5 Million is a big amount and there are a lot of options in that Price range Imported Toyota Vehicles have a lot more to offer in that price…… U can get a fully loaded Prius 3rd Generation in that price which saves u money every month and is the most silent thing on road in Pakistan

  23. Mouhid Ch says

    no match to toyota imported

  24. Muhammad Zoheb Bilal says

    Glad I never owned Toyota not because of its stupid design and obsolete interior but because it is not worth the money you pay for Honda Civic and New Honda City 2014 are the best cars with a CLASS!

  25. M Omar Khalid says

    I doubt if a CVT transmission can be installed along side a normal 5 or 7 speed one in a everyday C segment sedan.

  26. Khurshed Aga says

    Baber Kaleem Khan , i think what Asher is trying to say is a CVT transmission is, as the name implies, a Continuously Variable Trnsmission and as such has no "gears" in the traditional sense as its "continuously variable". It drives differently from normal transmissions in that there is no gear change. However, in order for drivers used to normal transmissions to feel more comfortable, the engineers have placed artificial breaks in the transmission to give the feel of a 7 speed auto-transmission. Hope this explains things somewhat

  27. Khurshed Aga says

    M Omar Khalid a CVT transmission is, as the name implies a Continuously Variable Trnsmission and as such has no "gears" in the traditional sense as its "continuously variable". It drives differently from normal transmissions in that there is no gear change. However, in order for drivers used to normal auto gear-boxes to feel more comfortable, the engineers have placed artificial breaks in the transmission to give the feel of a 7 speed auto-transmission in my comment above,

  28. Muhammad Hamza Shahid says

    the auto in city steermatic was not actual 7 speed, it was 5 speed auto but as per some tech it was supposed to work like a 7 speed, its the gear ratios only its like 7 gear ratios, no actual gears though,

  29. Anonymous says

    very well said….The publisher is on my ignore list…..he doesn't know wee bee of writing and authenticity of publishing an article… He suck Big time……You can't imagine how i refused from leaving a comment on his previous blog…..SORE LOSER

  30. Anonymous says

    ery well said….The publisher is on my ignore list…..he doesn't know wee bee of writing and authenticity of publishing an article… He suck Big time……You can't imagine how i refused from leaving a comment on his previous blog…..SORE LOSER

  31. Anonymous says

    dear paki frogs living in a dirty pond .there is a 8 gear cvt too in nisan `s and lexus amd bmw .but they are not in paki society the industries in pak are crooks too thats why a suzuki Wagon R loaded with ABS and air bags in India is 4.8 indian Rupees and in pak its almost 1.2 million without abs and any airbag. bc like paki people paki industries could not care less about protecting commom man

  32. Anonymous says

    and also corolla in usa comes standard with 8 airbags and a lot of techno stuff paki`s might get in the next 7 after lives nit in this one .pls tell ur companies have a little shame and stop making all this haram money .

  33. Anonymous says

    pls tell ur industries to learn a little from the hindu`s and how hindu cares about hindustan and how paki gouge every one and every thing. life is short people and if there is afterlife then boy we can only imagine whats installed for paki people there. corolla altis here should be for 1.8 million maximum . and do u know every car brand makes cars in INDIA , and also bikes and planes and boats and luxury yatch . and paki`s only make fools out of ther people. quality of life in pak is horibble with a big H

  34. Kashif Malim says

    The 1.8L engine isn't a powerhouse. It's a simple economical engine that is common in the Middle East and US markets. This is an economy car that is being marketed as a luxury car, with a dull, cheap plastic interior, cheap Chinese electronics, and the works. Pathetic to say the least.

  35. Khawaja Shamrox says

    The One who owns Toyota Corolla now the Reality and Status of the Car…!!!
    talking about Honda …it's really good upto the mark…but when you talk about the market demand Toyota is on top….most of the cars which are Japanese reconditioned like PRIUS VITZ belongs to Toyota….you'll notice very less cars of honda….people mostly prefer Toyota due to it's good market value and selling price….

  36. Khawaja Shamrox says

    I own Toyota SE SALOON 1.6 and I know what it is…!!!
    You can compare the results your self on Web that Honda Civic 2002 in good condition can be purchased within 6.5-7 lacs….while Toyota Corolla Gli 2002 in good condition still touch the figure of 8-8.5 lacs!!
    Toyota (y) <3

  37. Muhammad Zoheb Bilal says

    Khawaja Shamrox There was no mention of 'after market price'in my comment altho Honda's are not popular in Pakistan enough because most of the people living in small towns or cities just prefer corolla due to their durability and strength nothing more who knows about class? and so far as reconditioned cars are concerned because they have not introduced enough honda's so people go for toyota! Honda cars are also expensive Honda indeed is best car maker but they focus more on class rather catering to people living in pinds like in pakistan and PRIUS is a good car compared with corolla actually corolla's are over exaggerated cars their crippling efficiency and mileage is a minus fyi honda sales have started to outshine corolla from the last fiscal year because honda city 1.5 has started to catch peoples eye these days and their interior exterior and mileage of course is remarkable! altho its a choice and people like me will always choose Honda! because Class matters!

  38. Khawaja Shamrox says

    Muhammad Zoheb Bilal You are right that class matters but it doesn't mean that toyota does not have class…!!!
    Toyota and honda both come in luxurious and durability….and talking about the class,luxurity and serenity LAND CRUISER,PRADO,TUNDRA,FORTUNER….Don't they have class?? 😛
    Still these cars are made by toyota and you seldom see a SUV type car by honda…!!
    and the parts of Honda are also expensive as compared to toyota and the reason for the people to choose toyota…!!
    On the Contrary,Honda is Honda due to their Power and Rigidness..!!! (y)
    and Toyota is Toyota..!!

  39. Haris Khan says

    so IMC didnt even bothered to change the rims…what a pity…if u r paying a hefty 2.6 mill price tag, u want a NEW car.. also the clock on the dash looks like what ppl use in their kaali peeli taxis…

    And no immobilizer???i mean IMC, r u living in the '50s?????
    this corolla is an utter disappointment…

  40. Ahmed Talal says

    Majority of Pakistanis have never even heard about hybrid technology. They just want a car. Hybrids are not even manufactured here. They import used ones for Pakistani buyers who just buy them considering "not manufactured in Pakistan".

  41. Haris Khan says

    to top it immobilizer….

  42. Qasim Raja says

    What is the expected price of upcoming New shape of toyota

  43. Naveed Lodhi says

    Looks nice, Although I am using Altis 1.8 SR Auto, which is nice but thats more latest engine let see.

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