Black Color in cars: Attractive but unpractical

Colors say a lot about the owner of the car, black color car owners are said to be aggressive because it is though attractive, but also aggressive in nature. However, there’s another trait because of which Pakistani consumers prefer it the most. Its resale value. White is the cheapest on the other hand but the reason why black and white are the most in demand in colors is due to the fact that they can easily matched in case you scratch your car’s paint. Blue or say maroon on the other hand are a tough job.

However, maintaining black color isn’t an easy job on its own despite its resale value and other perks. Even though, with the introduction of imported cars in Pakistan, people are beginning to give colors the secondary preference after the condition of the car. (Buying a pink colored car in Pakistan) or how this beautiful red color of the pre-facelift Corolla in red (which looked just fantastic) was neglected because of the potential trouble people would have maintaining and match the color.

No doubt, black color cars are the most eye catching rides on the road. They add this flair of being an attack dog on black cars if other accessories on the exterior are in perfect harmony with the rest of the car. As far as Japanese cars are concerned, black colored cars are auctioned on higher prices as compared to other colors. Remember when Vitz first begin to arrive in Pakistan? Finding a black one was near to impossible and people paid as much 75K additional to buy the black one. But there are few things you need to keep in consideration before buying a black color car.

  1. Dust particles, water marks and mud spills are 10 times more prominent on black color than on any other color.
  2. Very demanding color indeed. Eats a lot of time on daily basis in wiping off the dirt.
  3. Scuffs and scratches are more prominent as well
  4. Black color absorbs heat.
  5. In hot afternoons, touch the body of your car and you will observe the metal boiling.
  6. Waxing a black car is a tough job.
  7. Un-wiped water on black car dries up and gives a visibly filthy look.
  8. Black color fades away faster than other colors.


Especially, in Pakistan these factors are more intense as the air is highly contaminated both in rural areas as well as urban areas and the burning sun in summers roasts the black metal like anything. Black color is more preferred in sedans than in hatchbacks though. My personal, experience of having a black car wasn’t pleasant enough. I had to get it cleaned at least once or twice during days when winds was at full throttle.

So a sincere suggestion, If you don’t have a driver/ a car cleaner at your workplace, avoid buying a black color car. You’ll have to swab it off at least once a day and sometimes twice a day. Or if filthy rides don’t bother you in any case, black rides won’t cause you any nuisance.


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Shaf Younus

I'm an Auto Enthusiast, a Tech Savvy and above all, Citizen of Pakistan.