Brabus G63 6×6 has gold used under its hood

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Mercedes have the iconic G63 which looks outrageous but we all love it. Its, this one car which is the most ridiculously bling vehicle of them all but ask any car enthusiast and he would say yes to this 6×6.

They revealed this six wheeled version of the G63 last year, which had 536bhp and 560 lb-ft. of torque being blown out of a 5.5 liter twin turbo V8. Despite its weight and massive retro body, 0-100 kmh takes only 6-7 seconds. Brabus, a German customizing firm which specializes in modifying Mercedes, Maybach and Smart cars, thought these figures to be insufficient and came with a buffed up version of the G63 6×6.

The Brabus version has bigger turbochargers, an upgraded ECU, a new exhaust and Gold Intakes, yes, real Gold! This took the figures to 690 bhp, 708 lb-ft of torques and 0-100 KMH time was reduced to just 4.4 seconds. So the 0-100 time is quicker than many new sports and super cars even though the monster now weighs a whopping 3.775 tonnes.

Now, you may be wondering what is the purpose of Gold intakes in a truck. You may think of it as a fantasy for an Arab Shiekh who owns some oil wells, but what they do is keep the intake air cool, so it’s more dense, has more oxygen molecules per unit volume than normal air, and hence helps the fuel burn more effectively, the same thing a cold air intake does. The only difference is; this does it more effectively and after all, it may be a very great feeling to just know that you have “Gold” under the hood. Remember McLaren F1? It also used gold foil in the exhaust system and that car changed the super car genre as we know it.

So what you get in £470,000 (77,502,000 PKR + Duties) is a buffed up version of an already extended version of a monster, having six wheels, six wheel drive with dozens of diffs, so you could alternate it by driving it as an off-road vehicle one day and a roadster on the other.

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