Qingqi Rikshaws Banned Across Sindh by Sindh High Court

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Qingqi Rikshaws are a menace, they mostly drive (read: fly) on the road like they are on a sports bike on the road. It was a nuisance to people and giving verdict on a petition seeking a ban on these illegal Qingqi rikshaws in Sindh, SHC has finally delivered.

The ruling by SHC directed Chief Secretary Sindh, Interior Ministry, Secretary Transport, Administrator Karachi and Commissioner Karachi to kick off a crackdown against the bike-rickshaws being operated across the province without route permits, fitness certificates and registration.

In addition to the ruling, the court also ordered authorities to impound illegal qingqis and impose fine on owners and driver. Another fine of Rs. 10,000 was also imposed on the Qingqi association for concealing facts while rejecting their plea against crackdown.


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  1. asad says

    Who allowed them and where they will go now? and what will be replacement for the poor travelers? its single source of income for each family.

  2. Khurram Altaf says

    Replacement – qinquis with fiber/plastic body so they have something to lose in case of a bump because with steel bodies they just don’t seem to care.

  3. Syed Hussein El-Edroos says


  4. Muneeb says

    Yeah sure. Leave Mini bus mafia alone. they stack their buses up with piles of people. And their fares are too uncontrollable. Qinqis, despite being illegal, were the only alternates available. Here, Students are to suffer the most by this ban. Banning these is not the feasible solution here.

  5. law breacher says


  6. Usman says

    Ban them in Lahore too!! They don’t care anyone they know they are made of Sariya nothing gonna happen to them if they hit someone!

  7. Guest says

    Who allowed them? Nobody. But nobody ever disallowed too. It just caught on, users needed the service and the service providers needed the money. They were unregulated until the legal definition of “Motor cycle rickshaw qingqi” was made part of the law on February 21, 2011 by Sindh govt vide NO. SO (T-II)/2-17/2010 . This definition tells us that qingqi maximum seating capacity is 5 (1 driver and 4 passengers) and it cannot be used for commercial purpose. The law also implies that any qingqi should only operate on designated routes. What it means is that qingqi cannot run around on all roads. This is in effect similar to prohibitions for 2-stroke, animal carts, hand carts etc. All this jargon effectively outlaws qingqis as you cannot get a commercial registration for it.
    You can drive a 5 seater qingqi with a motorcycle license but a 3 seater rickshaw needs a commercial license because it has a commercial registration.

    Where will they go now? They have been dumped in Baldia police training centre and will most probably slowly rot away and their engines and other spare parts will be stolen and sold.

    Replacement for poor travelers? None except trudging along on foot like the days before Qingqi.

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