RATED: Driving Tests of the World

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Driving Tests of the World Rated

One of the very first things a person does when he comes of age is to get his/her driving licence as soon as possible. The difficulty of obtaining a driving licence varies from country to country. In some countries, getting a driving licence is a one-day process. You just have to go to the relevant office, apply for the licence and after some paperwork and a practical test, you walk away with a licence, but in some countries, it is harder than obtaining a master’s degree. Auto Express, a UK based car magazine, conducted a research to find out the different difficulty levels of obtaining the driving licence around the globe. The asked Ian McIntosh, the CEO of RED Driving School, to grade each country’s test. McIntosh said, “There are huge disparities in driving tests from country to country and it is shocking how standards vary.” He did not give any country five stars rating saying that “there’s always room for improvement.”

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  1. Imran Ul Haque says

    I don’t really know about other cities but in Karachi, people usually bribe or hire an agent for themselves which completes the process himself while you sit on a chair or couch and yawn and you only bother yourself for a picture for the card.

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