Refurbished Batteries Scam in Pakistan: Beware of Scammers

Refurbished car batteries

Ever wondered what happens to your used battery when you sell it off to car battery dealers? Many car battery dealers often mislead customers by selling refurbished batteries as new ones. Battery menders have become experts in repairing batteries and it is often difficult to identify a brand new battery from a refurbished one. When buying a car battery, you have to examine it for any signs of tampering. Also, keep an eye out for any marks which may be a sign of the battery being tampered.

Referbished car batteries

A car battery is refurbished by replacing the damaged (or weak) lead plates and acid in it. Local Car battery repair “experts” neatly remove the top of the battery and access its cells. The main components of a battery are the cells, terminals, acid and distilled water. It is also important for the acid-water ratio to be perfect. These repairs are not done by trained technicians and therefore, they fail to meet the right water to acid ratio. Also, the lead used by these local car battery menders does not meet quality standards that the battery companies used.

battery components

However, with these repairs, a battery may work for up to a year or more, and that is if you are lucky. Many people often get their car batteries repaired as a cheap alternative to buying the new ones. Though it isn’t recommended to get a car battery repaired as it has no guarantee.

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When you go to a car battery dealer to buy a new one, the dealers insist on buying your old battery. Majority of the battery dealers sell used batteries for around 80-100 rupees per Kg.

There isn’t much one can do to avoid this scam, the best you can do is to buy batteries from authorised battery dealers, and to make sure that you get a warranty card duly stamped by the retailer. Also, make sure that the serial number of the battery matches with the one mentioned on the warranty claim card.

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Samiullah Sharief

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  • Guest

    If the repaired battery will work for a year or more, then it is very good, as a new battery of local manufacture is pretty much the same 😀

  • timematcher

    A new battery may only work upto 6 months or so. I have experienced this personally 2 times for two different battery providers and brands. and each time battery didnt last more than 6 months.

  • Khalid Bashir

    Said battery scam is true as I have gone through it. Better buy only from authorised dealers. However battery manufacturers are also not fair. They should adopt a system of verification through the serial # engraved on battery. But I think they deliberately don’t do it to favour their dealers.

  • Sultan Kiani

    For home inverter or car? I purchased one for my Charade 16 months ago and it’s still working perfect!

  • disappointed

    what the eff is going on? This ignorant writer is saying “water to acid ratio” which is called gravity. Illitracy much? Incomplete info by a clueless lazy writer adds insult to the injury. One can only see him being booted soon. Better info, actually, real info is available in PW forums.

  • Suleman Shehbaz

    Authorized dealers are also involved in selling fake batteries because this way they can earn upto 50% profit They will also provide you warranty card because most of the time you need balls of steel to claim your warranty.
    Fake batteries barely last 6 months while branded batteries with no manufacturing fault can last upto 3 years ………

  • Bullhay Shah

    Suleman She–hbaz is right !!