Road accidents reduced by 29 percent in Islamabad

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The Islamabad Traffic Police recently stated that traffic accidents have fallen by 29 percent.

According to the Islamabad police, such a decline in accidents can be attributed to the efforts made by the police to educate citizens regarding the traffic rules and regulations imposed in the capital city. Compared to the 157 accidents that occurred in the year 2018, only 111 accidents occurred in 2019. During the first eight months of 2019, 76 people have died in fatal accidents and 67 people got injured in numerous road accidents. 

A total of 131 accidents have been reported to the Islamabad police in the first eight months. The Islamabad Police stated that the IG police himself is taking an interest in making the situation better on the roads of the capital city. Speed checking cameras installed at various spots across the capital city has led to a decrease in the frequency of road accidents. These cameras check both speed and lane violations.

The Islamabad Police has figured out some 13 spots where chances of road accidents are higher. These spots are Faizabad, Kashmir Highway, Qadafi Chowk, Blue Area, 7th Avenue and IJP road among others. 

The Islamabad Traffic Police started an initiative under the name of good citizen patrol. This initiative has been undertaken to appreciate law-abiding citizens. This unit has been active around the capital city giving out “Good Citizen Sticker” to law-abiding citizens. Moreover, the unit is also giving coffee mugs and gifts to people who properly follow traffic rules and regulations. 

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