Safety Alert! Beware of Road Side Digging For Safe City-Lahore

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The installation of CCTV cameras across Lahore is a part of CM Shahbaz Sharif’s vision of Safe City Project. The end goal is to integrate a real-time monitoring system, which can effectively complement the job of city traffic police and by extension law enforcement agencies to enforce traffic laws. This system is aimed to regulate the increasing traffic of Lahore.  For installing CCTV cameras as a part of the safe city project, Punjab government has engaged respective department to install proper infrastructure to centralize video feed at a single location. In this regard, workers are engaged in laying communication lines to hook up this huge network of CCTV cameras. Naturally, laying these lines insinuate digging green belts and roadsides for wiring purposes.

So this safety alert is all aimed to spread the word of the safety concerns these rough patches cause in a rainy season. Digging of green belts and roadsides can pose safety concerns for pedestrians as well as drivers. The metrological department has predicted rains for the next couple of days. This multitude of rainfall episodes will end up softening the newly worked job sites around various roads of the city and can lead to sinkholes. So use caution and be wary of such job sites or any sink holes on the roads of Lahore.




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