Salma Marwat becomes the Fastest Pakistani Female Driver after Winning the Chakwal 4×4 Rally

In recent years, women in Pakistan have become more eager as well as active to explore and subsequently take part in different domains, which may have been rarely seen in the past. Whether it may be some female students from a private university making their own race car and competing with it in an international competition or may it be the Pakistani female racers showing their mettle in Gwadar off-road rally.

Salma Marwat Khan is the latest example of these inspiring females and she has proven her mettle in Pakistani motorsports. She is an emerging rally driver and in her most recent race, she has successfully secured the title of being Pakistan’s fastest female driver.

This came after she splendidly won the Chakwal 4×4 off-road rally. This Chakwal off-road rally where Salma Marwat Khan got the first position in the women category also awarded Asma Raza Siddiqi and Anila Khan the second and third positions, respectively.

This is a huge win for Salma Marwat Khan as she outclassed last year’s winner, Anila Khan that came in third in this rally. Also, in comparison to this year’s winner, Anila Khan is a veteran rally driver and her racing career spans over multiple trophies. For instance, as a rally driver, she has won titles of the Safranga Rally, Hub Rally as well as the Sawat Rally.

As far as how these two drivers compare to each other in this rally, Anila Khan finished the race with a time delay of 1:30 minutes (compared to the winning time). Meanwhile, the winner of this race, completed the rally track in 22:09:40 seconds.

When asked about her reason to join the scene of motorsports in Pakistan, Salma Marwat Khan’s reply clearly indicated that she did not come into this sport simply because the love of it, she wants to achieve something else as well. She said, “It’s a great feeling to win titles, I love motorsports and I aim to be the best in this sport”.

Salma Marwat Khan is being heralded as the new emerging face of women drivers in Pakistan, but this is not her first or sole achievement. In the past, she has competed in nearly eight different rallies and has won 4 off-road rally titles.

This female driver is turning her passion for the sport into a full-time profession, and while this isn’t enough, she also wants to inspire other women in Pakistan to pursue motorsports, and she may just as well be succeeding in her endeavor, considering the fact she just won the title of being the fastest female driver in Pakistan.

As for the overall female motorsports scene in Pakistan, this time as far experienced drivers like Anila Khan were clearly outclassed in the recent Chakwal rally, they might make a comeback in one of the upcoming races. To find more about that, stay tuned for more updates.

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