Sazgar Unveils Pakistan’s First EV three-wheeler

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Sazgar Engineering Works Limited is a well-known name in the automobile industry of Pakistan. Sazgar held a showcasing event of its locally manufactured “EV Three Wheeler” today, which was attended by Higher Government Officials, social and business community.

The initiative of Sazgar was not only appreciated by the government officials, but also satisfaction was shown by the various segments of the society. It will generate employment opportunities for the automobile industry and also benefit the development of its allied industry. The local production of the EV three-wheeler will help in saving precious foreign exchange which is need of the hour. It will contribute to reducing the environmental pollution and oil import bill.

Slide to view all the pictures of EV three-wheeler:


The vehicle will be produced locally, including its parts by the local vending industry, except for the electric kit. This will help in upgrading the auto parts industry, which, in return, will contribute to the national exchequer in the form of taxes and will also generate employment opportunities.

Furthermore, there are lots of opportunities in exporting these EV three-wheeler vehicles to various countries by which we can earn foreign exchange for the country. Sazgar is already exporting its auto-rickshaw to different countries, including Japan, which is a great honor for us.

In this regard, we expect from the Government of Pakistan to facilitate this industry so that its potential can grow and fulfill the vision of Prime Minister of Pakistan for Industrial Growth and generation of Employment.

Aside from the unveiling of the electric rickshaw, the company will also be launching BAIC vehicles in the future, see the pictures below: Slide to view.

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  1. patriot says

    Shukar Alhamdolilah….Now the ear drum exploding old rikshaws will be replaced with these all quiet 3 wheelers. Someone to also compeup for chinghi electric kit.

  2. Kashif Raza says

    It is very good but where are the charging stations??

  3. ur om says

    PM IK announced that 3,000 CNG stations will be converted to EV charging stations.

  4. hj says

    Agreed! The transport sector is the main contributor in pollution. Hopefully, because of more innovations like this, it will be the last sector contributing to pollution.

  5. cya yyaar says

    Looks very very beautiful 😀 The only main concern is that if you want to recharge it it will take 5 hours – rickshaw walas might not be willing to wait that long since they need to be on the road at all times.
    Nevertheless, I would definitely be willing to get this myself.

  6. Moonbaby says

    I own an electric two-wheeler.been waiting for this for a while. Electric vehicles are very cheap to run, so these rickshaw drivers should be able to make considerable margins.

  7. Ali says

    Price ?

  8. HighBrainForce says

    where is showroom for sell?

  9. A KHAN says


  10. A KHAN says

    Charging timing ? joo bhi wazir azam ata hay bongia marta hay

  11. TalhaKhan says

    Now big Three should be ashamed and have some EV addition to its fleet. Charging would be the big concern, which would be carried out with additional. SHERSHA kabuli batteries. 80K additional.

  12. Nadeem Aziz says

    Lets analyze what they have claimed

    7.7 kwh battery , 160AH that will charge in 5 hours means that charger is 32 Amps minimum , 48 volts . Kind of a giant charger .

    This rickshaw will go max 120 km if speed is limited to 40 Kph .So claim of 170 km is false .
    The battery they are using will be cooked in 750 cycles . say 2 years . This battery comes for 900 USD minimum so total cost of ownership will be = 260000 Rupees that translate into 3 rupees per km .
    When we see the initial cost , it could be kind of expensive for poor rickshaw driver to buy this vehicle . Hope somebody can launch a better , cheaper vehicle based on gel lead acid batteries .

  13. CH.FARZAND says

    Body is looking good , and it will not generate the smoke , such type of auto can reduce the pollution .

  14. Ali Ispahani says

    Absolutely great news! We must shift to Electric vehicles at the earliest with good and effective planning. And the present government and the administration should make solid LAWS which would ensure that good and beneficial policies for the development of Pakistan could not be discontinued due to change of government. And also, current government must ensure that existing Japanese auto Mafia, with the help of corrupt bureaucrats, would not damage this process of excellent change. – A Common Citizen of IR of Pakistan.

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