Seven seater cars you can buy in Pakistan


Pakistan’s automobile market has been facing a deficit of seven-seater motorcars for ages. Obvious by their size, seven seater cars are a necessity for large families in Pakistan. Let’s not talk about the luxury seven-seaters like V8 and Land cruisers. Keeping in consideration the buying power of the people in Pakistan, here’s a list of some practical yet affordable seven-seater cars in Pakistan.

7 Seater Cars

Honda BRV:brv

The newly launched Honda BRV is a perfect vehicle for large families. The new 1500cc Honda BRV is not only economical but also practical in all aspects. Honda BRV is available at a price tag of Rs 2.2 million, which makes it a perfect vehicle for large families.

Toyota Prius Alpha:

Toyota Prius Alpha is a seven-seater hybrid car that features an 1800cc engine and has shown a great sales response in the Pakistani market. Prius Alpha has some exceptional features and is priced at around Rs 2.8 million (2013-14 model).

Honda Freed:

Technically Honda Freed is a six seater with (2+2+2 seating arrangement) a 1500cc hybrid car, but for the sake of this vehicle category, we will be enlisting this alternative as well. Honda Freed hasn’t shown great sales potential in the Pakistani market. Honda Freed is available for a price tag of Rs 1.7-1.8 million (2013-14 model) but is not reliable enough in terms of resale value and availability of spare parts.
Honda Crossroad:crossroad

Honda Crossroad is a less known seven seater car in Pakistan. Honda Crossroad features an 1800cc engine and strong dynamic shape. Honda Crossroad does not have features like multimedia steering, push-start button and hybrid technology. It is priced at around Rs 3 million (2010-11) model.
Honda Odyessey:honda-odyssey-2007-4370545

Honda Odyessey is another lesser known seven seater car available in Pakistan. Honda Odyessey features a 2500cc engine with a van shaped rear body. Honda Odyessey is also priced at around  Rs 3 million (2010-11 model).

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