Store your tyres the right way to keep them safe for long time


If we say that automobile is an investment, then it is not wrong.  We tend to invest millions in our automobiles, and same goes for the other products which we buy at a hefty price to protect our automobiles. While doing this investment in automobiles, we make sure that no damage is done to the automobile and neither has it worn out quickly. We take great care regarding the interior and exterior of the cars, and same goes for the products for this purpose. Still, even though we are cautious, we forgot one important yet neglected part of the cars which is the tyres of the cars. Tyres are the most vulnerable part of an automobile, and it faces more beating while rubbing against the road.

In this article, however, we will be focusing on how to keep the tyres when one is not using so that they are used in the future. If you follow the following simple tricks, you can not only store and protect the tyres easily, but they can be used in the future as well.

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So, without further ado let’s start with the main topic.

  • The first task is quite simple; it is a common practice to store the things after proper cleaning them and washing them with the soap or detergent. The same theory can be applied to the tyres. The dirt and stains are among the factors which wear out a tyre. Therefore, a tyre must be washed and cleaned with a suitable detergent or soap. After washing, give time to the tyre to dry off completely. Once dried, put the tyre in a clean bag. It should be mentioned here that there should be no air in the bag. It should be airtight, and any air present in the bag can be removed by vacuum sucker. It is a very important step, for if any air is present in it might wear off the tyre and damage it. This bag will not only keep the tyre clean but will also protect it from the sunlight.
  • After this step, decide a clean place for storing the tyre. The place should be moisture free since any moisture present will in turn damage the tyre. The place should be cool and dry. To avoid the ozone exposure on the tyre makes sure that there is no electric appliance near the tire.
  • It is usually recommended to stack or hang the tyres having rims. However, if they don’t have rims than simply store them upright. Again, the place should be clean otherwise consider your all effort go in vain.
  • With these few tips above, the tyre shall last long, safe, protected and one can reuse them any time without any problem.

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