The Story of 1987 Honda: A Honda-Corolla Fusion

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Time and again we’ve seen people do the unthinkable, or more appropriately have been mocked by the society in general. Whether it be an attempt to shift the manual to automatic transmission in a Mehran or revamping a vintage cruiser, every attempt is followed by a stigma of mockery. Following are the pictures of such car, who has been recipient to mockery on social media. Reportedly the owner has spent around 5 lac on its renovation to give it a shape he desires. While some mock him by saying he could’ve totally restored the car in its former glory, some just choose to make jokes on it. But what has led me write on this car, is its final look. I must say I appreciate the guy and mechanic who made a 1987 Honda Accord into this mix of Honda City and Toyota Corolla. On the surface, all the front and back fenders have been replaced, mounts have been readjusted to fit the bumper and bonnet of Honda City. Likewise, the back of the car has also been adjusted to fit Corolla’s body parts on it. The one liner in this situation is: If you can’t accept somebody’s efforts then don’t mock them for their attempt to do something unique. Because automobile enthusiasm has still not made it to main stream media and this sort of derogatory remarks are (sometimes) the final nail in the coffin for a lot of people, who quit before they even start.


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