An expert’s commentary on the lack of safety features in cars in Pakistan

The recent tragic death of Qamar Zaman Qaira’s son in a car accident has once again sparked the debate among masses and the industry analysts regarding the lack of safety features in the local cars in Pakistan. Note here that the car driven by the deceased was not locally manufactured car but a JDM vehicle which was equipped with airbags, however, they didn’t open after the impact as reported by the media.

Many have argued the quality of these JDM cars as they are refurbished vehicles and no authority in Pakistan checks them before they hit the road.  There is a dire need that the government should take serious steps to ensure the quality of cars in the country so that lives can be saved. Mr. Suneel Munj has discussed all these matters in the video attached below:

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  • TiredOfThisShit

    That car being a repaired accidented JDM does not absolve lack of pertinent safety features in extremely expensive local cars.