Super power Deluxe 70cc – An Expert Review

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Today, we have brought the expert review of Super Power Deluxe 70cc bike. Although the bike is 70cc, but its shape and body parts are designed as per 125cc or 110cc bikes in Pakistan. Before starting the review, we want to request our PakWheelers to always wear helmet while riding, never remove bike’s side view mirrors because these are for your own safety.

The company has tried to offer maximum features in a 70cc bike, which are usually come in premium bikes.

Bike’s Body and Styling:

The manufacturer has given a rather bulky look to the bike. In the front, most prominent part is its plastic-made headlight and its cover, which gives it a different look than conventional 70cc bikes. The front mudguard is also made of plastic, while the front shocks are without chrome covers.

The indicators are quite unique with aerodynamic design with great night visibility. Coming to the tank, you will notice two shoulders on it, while its gas cap is similar to Honda CG125. The design of the petrol tank gives you a comfortable sitting position with good leg grip, which is great for the long rides.


The company has offered this bike in two colours, i.e. Black and Red. Furthermore, the sticker design starts from the trunk and goes all the way to the back. The bulky design is also visible at the rear, with a crystal headlight, reflector, indicators and plastic seat cover. The rear mudguard is also made of plastic in black matte colour.

Usage of Plastic Parts: 

Most of the bike parts are plastic including front and rear mudguards. The company has taken the step to reduce its overall weight. Usually the bikes have metal with chrome-finish mudguards, however, the increase the bikes weight a bit.

Furthermore, the maintenance of these mudguards is very easy and convenient as they are easy to clean.


The most important part of this bike’s engine is its Electric Self Start motor, which we think should be installed in every bike in Pakistan. We have told you earlier that the manufacturer of this bike works on the quality of parts which are under the covers. The layout of the engine is exactly same to Japanese 70cc bikes.

The quality of bike is excellent even in the cold weathers. Due to its electric self start, the bike starts without any issue even in winter mornings.

Coming to carburetor, you will notice that its design is a bit changed to accommodate electric self start. The placement of air intake, carburetor and air inlet pipe is slightly modified, however, it doesn’t make any impact on bike’s performance. Despite these modifications, the fuel average of this bike is still 60km/liter.

Exhaust, Kickstart and Brake Lever: 

The shape and design of bike’s exhaust is also different as company has installed 125cc-shape exhaust in it. It gives a new sound and look to side profile of the bike.

Another major change in this bike is its kickstart and rear brake lever. Usually, the 70cc bikes have chromed kickstart and brake lever, however, this one has silver paint-coated parts. It makes them durable and easy to maintain.


Like high-end premium bikes in local market, the company has installed Alloy Wheels in this one. The size of these wheels is 17-inch. Furthermore, the size of front tyre is 2.25/17, while the rear tyre is 2.50/17. Both rear and front brakes are drum with polished plates.


The seat has a lot of cushioning, making it very comfortable. Along with that, there is a curve between ride and pillion rider, which increases the stability and separation.


The bike has Dual Rear Shock setup, which increases the stability and smoothness. This suspension is excellent for potholes and speed breakers.

Main Instrument Cluster:

The bike has digital cluster. On left, you will find fuel gauge, in center it has digital speedometer with analog design and on the right, it has 4-speed transmission information and time indication.

Furthermore, it also has indication for side indicators and headlights. The handle bar of the bike is raised for comfortable ride.

Bike Grips: 

On the ride side, you will find its self start and headlight button. Meanwhile, on the left it has switches of turn signals, horn and Hi/Low headlight.


Its monthly maintenance include oil change and disposable air filter. Furthermore, the company offers 6,000km or 6 months warranty.

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