Supreme Court Clarifies its Decision on Qingqi Rickshaw Ban

In a hearing on Wednesday, the two-judge bench of supreme court allowed Qingqi Rickshaws by particular manufacturers only.
The Supreme Court’s bench led by Justice Gulzar Ahmed briefed on a case moved by All Karachi Rickshaw Association. The Premiere Court instructed that Rickshaws made by only approved manufacturers will be allowed to commute on the roads of Pakistan.

Prior to this move, the Sindh High Court had directed legal action against Qingqi Rickshaws under Rule 2 of Motor Vehicle Rules of 1969.
Further commenting on the routes of Qingqi Rickshaws, the court instructed provincial authorities to regulate the commuting routes for Qingqi Rickshaws.

The two-judge bench further criticized that the government had developed various public transportation projects like metro, green buses and orange trains but have not shown interest to regulate Qingqi Rickshaws, which comparatively is the most widespread and economical way of commute to hundreds and thousands of Pakistanis.

The bench advised the government to regulate Qingqi Rickshaws in such a way that is in favor of all stakeholders. During the hearing, Razzaq Mirza, the additional advocate general Punjab presented a report highlighting the transport department of Punjab had issued a circular containing the specifications of Qingqi’s to be used as public vehicles. The report further added that the provincial government had banned the commuting of two stroke rickshaws in Lahore, Gujranwala, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad and Multan. This report also highlighted that Qingqi rickshaws are being registered in the province since 2001 and approval has been granted to different manufacturers for the production of rickshaws with certain specifications. Most notably it also highlighted that provincial government has also taken action against 9,897 rickshaws operating illegally in Punjab. Furthermore, it also revealed that 8,211 fitness certificates and route permits were issued to Qingqi rickshaw.


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