Suzuki Cultus Vs Toyota Vitz 1000 CC


Currently, Suzuki Cultus and Toyota Vitz are the best sellers having a huge market share. Subcompact cars are favored in Pakistan, especially in greater urban areas in light of the fact that these cars are reasonable for middle-class families. So it’s Toyota Vitz versus Suzuki Cultus.

These are likewise best for the daily routine life (office/workplace to home) and helps to keep away from traffic. Let’s analyze all that we think about these cars and see which one is ideal.


Before getting to the technical overview of the two autos, you will need to find out about their history first.

Toyota Vitz was introduced by Toyota Motor Corporation in 1998. Also known as Toyota Yaris and Toyota Echo in the worldwide market.

Suzuki propelled the third era of cultus in Pakistan on 22nd April 2017. Suzuki Cultus rejuvenated the entire plan system of cultus and delivered a more refined and bolder cultus.



Toyota Vitz is dynamic and very well shaped, it’s additionally accessible in 17 sublime. The front bumpers, fog lights, and headlamps add up to superior look. The back mirror is trendy in style as well, not at all like the traditional rear. The car is lower in height as compared to Cultus which is an additional favorable position.

The third Generation of Cultus has a compact hatchback design. The front fascia involved angularly shaped chrome grill settled between smooth headlights which are set over the standard round formed fog lights. The backside houses trapezium formed up-swept stacked tail lights. The overall exterior of Suzuki Cultus is unique and proportional and it can without much of a stretch outrace other imported hatchbacks available in Pakistan.

In any case, remembering the general shape and structure, Vitz is all the more striking and sharp in grabbing attraction.


Vitz has enough capacity inside to give comfortable leg and headroom at its bit luxurious looking seating. The car has been equipped with six-speaker CD player, Bluetooth Connectivity, Streaming, USB Hub, and more.

The interior of cultus is highly balanced and refined fulfilling every one of the requirements of the family hatchback. The inside comes with a standard Black hued texture.The elements of the third Generation of cultus are Dual front airbags, Power Windows, CD player with AUX and USB opening and Power mirrors. The overall cabin of the cultus is extremely roomy and reasonable.

Engine Capacity and Performance:

Toyota Vitz comes with 1.0L inline-three-cylinder engine that creates 68 horsepower with an automatic CVT Transmission. Its fuel efficiency is around 8.2 liters for every 100 km according to estimations.The third Generation Suzuki Cultus accompanies 1.0 Liter DOHC 12 Valve Engine (K10B).

Safety Measures:

The third era Vitz is equipped with standard SRS airbags, electronic security control, anti-lock braking system (ABS), keyless entry and power locks.

Suzuki Cultus 2017 accompanies keyless entry and an immobilizer as a standard in the two versions. Be that as it may, VXL gets 2 SRS airbags and ABS brakes as a matter of course while VXR lack these features. Safety belts and back seat child locks are standard also.


Toyota Vitz is not manufactured in Pakistan, a reconditioned and used Toyota Vitz is sold in Pakistan usually between PKR1,650,000 (2014 model) and PKR 1,450,000 (2013 model).

Whereas Suzuki Cultus’s two variants will come with the following price tags:

  • Cultus 2017 VXR – Rs. 1,250,000
  • Cultus 2017 VXL – Rs. 1,391,000


Vitz is an imported vehicle and has better engine, comprehensive look and smarter features. Where as Suzuki Cultus being less expensive with company’s warranty is usually preferred by Pakistanis.

We have informed you about different perspectives of these cars, now the ultimate choice is yours.








Notable Replies

  1. Another Joke.... First correct the main concept of your post. It is not third generation Cultus, it is first generation Celerio that has been re-branded as cultus to loot people in Pakistan. You talk a lot and miss out on the fact the price in comparison is pale as one is an automatic CVT whereas the other is still usin manual. The car has not gone under any crash test as it is not an imported model so safety is a question mark.
    It is first step by Shitzuki to make a proper featured car in Pakistan and they have priced it ridiculously high and are adding insult to injury by these type of Biased articles. Compare with Passo and the price comparison goes further down.

  2. Lame excuses by Pak Suzuki again.

    What about the Automatic CVT transmission in Vitz. Adjustable headlights. Electronic adjustable side mirrors. And the price you mentioned, we can get a vitz with Back camera with navigation system.

  3. Rugal says:

    The article needs some serious proof reading. So many incomplete sentences, so many grammatical errors, it made me cringe.

    Also, I learnt the following today:

    This is the 3rd Gen Cultus, not a 1st Gen Celerio.
    Exteriors can race.
    Vitz has an Inline-4, 1.0L engine. instead of an Inline-3, 1.0L engine.
    K10B is an SOHC instead of a DOHC.
    Keyless entry is a safety measure.

    What you should do is research, proof-read (or better, get a friend who has some mastery over the language to do it), research some more and then publish.

    Pakwheels blogs need a better editor.

  4. I wanted to buy Vitz or Paddo. But their newer models are very expensive. Vitz price is touching 16 lacs. Which is too much for a 1000cc car. I have driven Vitz and it's a very good car. I already had an imported car of 660cc, so I know how comfortable they are. But most of these cars are accidental.
    When Suzuki Cultus 2017 aka Suzuki Celerio (1st Gen) was launched, I went to see it at Suzuki Showroom. I liked the car and bought it. It is as spacious as Vitz, drive and comfort is also comparable to Vitz and Passo. I think it's a better option to buy Cultus than to buy a 16 lac Vitz. There is no Automatic version of Cultus, which is a deal breaker for a lot of people. But those who don't bother driving a manual, I think Cultus is more value for money. I am driving this car for two months and I am very happy with it's ride quality and comfort.

  5. These are "Deliberate Mistakes" by Pakwheels content writers, to engage the readers. Shameful tactics.

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