Suzuki Cultus VXL is Class Apart then its Base Version When it Comes to Value-for-Money!

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We start off with yet another iteration to highlight the features between the two variants (VXR & VXL) of 2017 Suzuki Cultus with respect to their price difference and try to answer the question: Is the 141,000 rupees difference worth considering? On the surface, Pakistani consumers are flocking towards the base grade of Suzuki Cultus primarily because of the price difference. But following is a list of features which elevate Cultus VXL from its base grade.


Apart from the cosmetic changes, the game changer is the inclusion of ABS, 2 airbags, four speakers, and alloy wheels. The factory fitted ABS alone is worth nearly a 100,000 rupees and add cosmetic as well as performance upgrades, the Suzuki Cultus VXL is really better than its base grade. However, like the majority of Pakistani consumers, I am a bit skeptic towards its price bracket. Considering the rumors about the possible launch of an automatic variant of this car, it wouldn’t wrong to say that local consumers should expect to see a steep price increase for the A/T variant.



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