Atlas Honda Launches the CB150F at a very Competitive Price

Atas Honda is launching its first locally produced 150cc motorbike on Wednesday, at a dealer’ convention event in Lahore.


The bike, announced as Honda CB150F, houses a 150cc engine mated to a five-speed gearbox, front disc brakes, alloy wheels, 12V dry battery, electric and kick start is being launched at a lucrative yet highly competitive price tag of Rs 159,000. Atlas Honda is undoubtedly the most dominant player in Pakistan’s motorbike industry. The company has registered a sales figure of 711,395 units from (July 16′ – March 17′). Coincidently this recent sales figures has registered an upward growth of 85pc from the same period of last year.



Company official’s at the event remarked that this bike will be made available in a week’s time. While on the other hand industry experts are predicting that Atlas Honda has taken a major leap forward with this bike, as it will not only give tough competition to the existing market players in the 150cc category but it also open up new avenues for the company to tap into the niche client base of 150cc bike category.

(Following is the unveiling video of Honda CB150F, filmed simultaneously with the launch event)

Posted by Atlas Honda Limited on Wednesday, 3 May 2017



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Notable Replies

  1. I think this time they succeeded to take their pride back as a premier motorcycle brand in Pakistan not only in terms of sale figures but in terms of providing modern good looking advance tech too. Bike looks promising specially in blue & silver! :slight_smile:
    Only if they had not given the indicators which resemble with that of deluxe and rear shock absorber spring color not red then it would have looked more beautiful. Thats my personal opinion and I assume that they have equipped the bike with Single Over Head Cam Engine.
    Anyway congratulations on launching a beautiful machine!
    PS: Its like 24/25 years that I forced to praise AHL(bike segment/division).

  2. So at last Atlas Honda has realised that world is adopting new technology and they have to do the same. Self start is today's need, kick ka zamana guzar gya ha bhi

  3. All I can do is lol at the bike. Pata nahi kahan kahan sa parts utha ker usa jor ker 150 bana dia ha upper honda ka tag laga ker. Digital meter ka zamana main yeh 1980 ka analogue meter da raha hain.
    Is engine OHV or OHC? Agar OHV raha Jo ka 90% chance ha kah OHV ha to phir kya kamal vibration ho gi.
    The good side of this is that it seems Honda is facing some heat from other players specially with 150 and 200 cc bikes being brought by super power and zymco. This will leas to stiffer competition and ultimately quality products for awam.

  4. Black aur red kay saath to rear shocks aur disk cover ka red color theek lag reha hay, lakin blue aur green color ki bike main bhe same red. :confused:

    Honda Atlas wallay bhioo ... iska color bhe same green aur blue kero tu achha laggay ga.

    Jab Banna rahy thay bike factory main tu kissi nay bhe UNGLI nahin uthhi iss baat per ? kay yeah kiya drama hay.

  5. Well very good Launch by Honda Atlas which was an achievement however you all forget one thing is that iss kee price kyaa quote hee hai. Zaahir hai jitnaa ghurrr daalo utnaa meethaaa. According to my perception it would be more than 2 lakh rupees. Agar itne price kee yeh single bike lenee hai to acchaa hai kuch paise daal kar car le lo. Kam az kam naaye driver ke liye acchee to hogeee ke woh car drive kar saake aur chaar sawareee bethaa sake.

    Design wise the bike is good as it is a bit covering of the health and safety however, price wise to kuch zyada hee hogeee.

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