Suzuki Mega Carry in comparison with FAW Carrier

Pak Suzuki officially launched its pickup Mega Carry at an event in Islamabad on 04-12-2017. The vehicle has seating capacity of two in the front cabin and houses a 1493cc Euro II latest powerful petrol engine, which is a good choice for a carry pickup. It is pertinent to mention here that the newly launched Suzuki Mega Carry is imported in CBU (Completely Built Unit) condition from Indonesia. The vehicle will surely bring diversity to the local automobile industry.

Mr. Azam, Executive Officer Marketing and After Sales at Pak Suzuki, asserted that after receiving feedback from our customers and dealers we decided to launch Mega Carry to cater their needs. We were being demanded to make a vehicle which can load more goods than Ravi—company’s smaller pickup.

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The all-new Mega Carry has a payload capacity of 750 Kg, but according to the company, you can easily load far more weight than 750 Kg. It has a three-way loading deck. Mega Carry has seat-belts, two side mirrors and is equipped with 14-inch steel tires.

The ground clearance of Mega Carry is also good, and its petrol tank capacity is 46 liters. It has a robust suspension. The new Mega Carry is priced at around Rs.1, 499,000.

Suzuki’s Mega Carry is a direct competitor of FAW Carrier. So we deemed it necessary to compare both pickups.


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  • fake news

    fail sponsored content
    FAW is not only cheaper but has more payload capacity as the table shows

    3 sponsored contents by suzuki
    guess they are desperate

  • Khurram

    Yes but, FAW is a Chinese made and it’s quality is not in league with the Japanese otherwise, the Carrier would have beaten Ravi already.

  • Junaid

    Why has suzuki taken all the creature comforts out of the cabin? At least it should have been optional. The Suzuki fans should not rejoice at the inclusion of a steering wheel. Their next model will be steering using a donkey.

  • Usman Haider Sheikh

    Yes Ravi beats Carrier in sales but it is not due to quality but due to mindset of people, Carrier and XPV are way better than Suzuki Ravi and Bolan in quality. (Although both brands produce sh&ty vehicles but FAW’s are a little better in minivan, truck category)

    V2’s quality sucks when compared to wagon r and cultus etc, but that happens when you try to provide so many features in that price, it is comparable to Chinese cars such as QQ.

  • Aqib Khan

    FAW is far more better than this Mega Cachra

  • Usman

    It is my humble request to Pakwheels Management to stop publishing these biased paid articles. You can get Paksuzuki to advertise through banners, etc. and pay your website . This is really really destroying the quality of articles on this website. The paid articles says the car has “Euro II latest powerful petrol engine” which world are you living in, Europe already has Euro 6 compliant engines and you guys are passing off Euro II standard from the 1990s are state of the art.

    The average Pakistani vehicle owner is far more knowledgeable now. It is not easy to fool us anymore.

  • Usman

    Which world are you living in ? You do realize that Ravi and Bolan are actually based on the late 1970s Suzuki Super Carry. The localization levels in these “obsolete” cars is extremely high so you cannot claim it as Japanese anymore. It has been out of production in Japan for decades now.

    It is nowhere near on par as a typical Japanese vehicle.

  • Kashan

    I have driven FAW V2 for 2 years, honestly speaking, Mega Carry would be more reliable than FAW Carrier, I have seen many new Faw carriers standing in 3s service centers, having brakes, clutch, ignition, lights problems. Thanks to FAW warranty and BEST DEALERSHIPS. Better than Suzuki.. I must say.

  • Muhammad Adil Muhammad Yaseen

    you must be joking when you said v2 sucks when compared to wagon r my friend, its design sucks i agree, its interior is looking old i admit but quality my friend never started from suzuki, its opposite, V2 is far better in quality, you should atleast make a fair comparison that V2 is head to head competing with 3 of suzuki ”cards”, and who told you that ravi beats carrier in sales???its just govt of punjab rozgar scheme, you subtract it and the sale is already faded…

  • Muhammad Adil Muhammad Yaseen

    you stupid people where you guys search for features in suzuki carts han????seat-belts, two side mirrors and 14-inch steel tires are the features????? i mean how could you miss that it does not have audio player nor fan/heater and it is looking like the interior is made at scrapyard,, pakwheels blog or paksuzukiwheels blogs????

  • Pk IJ

    FAW V2 is a Sooper Dooper car loaded with Much better Body Strength and Safety Features, V2 has already proven its VehicleSafety rating locally as well as internationanlly. There are myths about this Brand that it has lot of problems, little problems dont mean that FAW is Flop brand, chinese has done Exceptional Price control in all of its vehicles and offer much superior specs in a minimum price tag, FAW is much bigger company than Suzuki, I mean FAW is basically making Heavy Trucks which suzuki dont, FAW heavy vehicles are much lesser priced and better looks and most advanced Features in heavy vehicles as well, I think Suzuki is encashing its brand name only nothing better offered in Mega Carry as compared with FAW Carrier, popularity and acceptance of FAW is on the rise with Exponential ratio…. its just a matter of awareness and wise people are choosing FAW vehicles over Regular Mafia Brands…. Now you Just look at the price and Loading capacity of FAW Carrier over heavily priced Suzuki Mega Carrier….. nothing better offered in mega carrier when seen its price tag

  • Pk IJ

    V2 is a solid and powerful machine as compared with Teen Dabba Suzuki vehicles….. People have spread myths and rumors about FAW that its not reliable, I have travelled over 24 hrs drive on FAW V2 with top speed and great Engine Performance, I am getting 17+ KM/L average on my fully loaded V2 on Long route which is pretty better for a 1300cc vehicle, body wise V2 offers much better strength and it saves from Vital injury in case of accidents…. Alhamdullillah I am a happy V2 owner.

  • Muhammad Adil Muhammad Yaseen

    dude you got me wrong i actually agree with you that FAW v2 score 3 star in crash tests while all the suzuki vehicles are zero star rating, this is a misconception about chinese brand FAW or any other brand, people here compare these vehicles with those mobile phones offered once in pakistan, well those were disposable electronics but these vehicles are better than all the japanese offered here in pakistan, actually i dont understand who could look at suzuki vehicles and yet talk about quality

  • JawedButt

    FAW is the best and cheapest vehicle in Pakistan market easily available all times and should be preferred.

  • JawedButt

    AK wheels being agent of Suzuki will always have their sympthies with SUZUKI which are biased.

  • Jamshed Ahmad

    Aslam per specification the price is more. Actually there are no specification. No basic essentials like radio or AC etc. Pathetic

  • Usman Haider Sheikh

    V2 does suck in quality, I know someone who got a bent rear wheel after driving it on a rough road, when he checked, it wasn’t the rim that was causing the wheel to bend like a polio patient, but the section where the wheel hub is joined to the rest of the vehicle, never seen it happened in any Suzuki vehicle. New V2’s dashboard rattle more than 10 year old cultus or santro dashboards, have wind noise at high speeds. Synchromesh and gear linkages are so low quality that shifting experience is of a carry daba. Yet you say it is a quality vehicle? Even in Chinese crash safety ratings, the results were that despite having 2 airbags, it doesn’t provide optimal crash protection to occupants. and you want me me to believe your opinion.
    And I’m in favor of Faw Carrier,, it is a better vehicle, at least try to read properly. Do you want me to post Pakistan Automotive Association Figures so you know which vehicle has better sales? we can compare months when rozgar scheme vehicles weren’t being delivered.