2018 Suzuki Cultus AGS – A brief overview

Yesterday, Pak Suzuki launched the automatic variant of its new Suzuki Cultus. Azam Mirza, the Executive Officer Marketing and After Sales Pak Suzuki, told the media on the launch event that the company decided to bring the auto version of the Cultus after listening to the feedback of customers and dealers.

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According to Mr. Azam, the new auto Cultus, officially known as Suzuki Cultus AGS (Auto Gear Shift), is launched to target three types of potential buyers in Pakistan. First, those who are living in densely populated and congested cities of Pakistan where traffic jams are part of a daily commute. An auto car like the 2018 Suzuki Cultus AGS can make the journey fairly relaxed compared to a manual car where you have to change gears all the time. Secondly, the car is for new female drivers who prefer automatic cars instead of manual cars due to ease of driving. And lastly, it will target imported car buyers. Mr. Azam mentioned during his launch speech that the inspiration behind the Cultus AGS was the interests and concern of Pakistani auto consumers.


The Cultus AGS is similar to manual Cultus dimension wise. However, since a major engine component is different, all the auxiliaries are different as well. You get a different cluster panel that shows all the relevant information. Also, the lower part of the dashboard is also different, to accommodate the automatic gear shift lever. Now let’s see what the new Auto Gear Shift transmission is all about.

As Pak Suzuki itself mentioned in the presentation, the AGS is basically an “automated manual transmission” system. Instead of developing a fully automated transmission, Suzuki has devised a clever way to make their current manual transmission into an automatic transmission. The car comes with an electronic actuator (its AGS unit) that works as a virtual clutch and helps the engine ECU choose and select the best gear when driving. There is no physical clutch pedal for you to press and change gear. The transmission is engaging and disengaging gears with the help of this Auto Gear Shift unit. And this helps in getting the efficiency of a manual gearbox from an automatic gearbox whereas having the convenience of an automatic transmission.

It suffices to say we all are excited about the new car and it will be interesting to see how does it do not only compared to imported vehicles of similar size and price but also against its manual transmission versions. The 2018 Suzuki Cultus AGS is priced at PKR1,528,000.

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  • Muhammad Ammar

    In 1,549,000 you can get Honda City Manual which btw is a more superior car with boot. Add to that you can get a suzuki swift automatic at 14,63,000 which is btw a proper automatic and proper engineered car with all the goodies except for SRS airbags.

  • Haroon Rashid

    Pakwheels is not only working as a commercial channel for all of Pakistan wheel industry. Sham on these people who can not live without sponsors.

    They are bunch of cheep people with on money in mind.

  • alfa_whsky

    No worries, the “Legends” at Pak Suzuki will ,ridiculously, jack up the price of Swift to cater to this “complaint” and will then will boast “we take feedback from people very seriously”.
    I hope and pray they get into their senses at the soonest.

  • Guest

    what the fuck is “sham”?
    at least write proper english you dick!

    and yes, pakwheels needs to sort this out.

  • Junaid

    I like the guts of PakSuzuki in pricing their models. They know the idiots who have resale value before even buying anything in mind will buy it in doves.
    And the own will also be Rs100000 thanks to our mafia dealer network.

  • Zeeshan Mirza

    Suzuki fucking innocent middle class people of Pakistan
    ……sham to u suzuki …….i strongly condemn these non sense and upgoing prices and stretigies by suzuki pakistan …lanaaaaat

  • Zeeshan Mirza

    no doubt…..

  • Usman Haider Sheikh

    At least that D can F A’Holes like u, by having an opinion instead of stirrin’ other people’s sh*t

  • Saqib

    Extremely over priced car. It’s better to have Nissan Dayz at 11 lacs.

  • abdullah

    This is a good step but the car is over priced for sure……bring the car price down to 12 lacs……..this price is ridiculous…….

  • aliqadri

    launch wagonR VXR Auto Gear Shift in 11.5 lacs. and see how you eliminate JDM sales …

  • shujaat

    Its like a honda 50 motor cycle , with out clutch 🙂

  • Aneeb Khalid

    suzuki walo ka lagta hai demag khrab ho gai hai 1528000 + registration mila kar 1.600.000/- koi pagal he ho ga jo lai ga whereas he got better option with little difference and in better quality car like i.e. HONDA CITY, CROLLA XLI.

    we need better competitor for kick out SUZUKI from Pakistan auto market they charge too much
    prices for low quality cars.

  • Mustafa Tariq

    I agree with Aneeb Khalid comments….They will soon kick out from Pakistan market due to there quality and prices of their cars…Its better to purchase Honda city accept to buy Suzuki Cultus automatic.

  • Faisal Irfan

    They will surely realize this, but for now keeping a brand high is their aim I assume.

  • Abid Manzoor

    The news really surprised me that the price is touching to 16k . sensible persons will go to Honda , Toyota or fully loaded imported cars .In this range city is the best choice . The Honda have a best engine technology. this one will flop soon due to high price . an other foolish decision by the management of Suzuki. In current situation they have big chance to capture the market

  • naeem

    One Word …….OVER PRICED……….

  • Muhammad Adil Muhammad Yaseen

    eliminate???? you must be kidding, suzuki can never eliminate JDMs with this kind of built quality

  • Muhammad Adil Muhammad Yaseen

    i dont know about you people but i just read that the company decided to bring the auto version of the Cultus after listening to the feedback of customers and dealers. i mean really??? i heard that on the day they were launching this teen bag, they planned to bring the auto version in december, and I also read in this article that Suzuki has devised a clever way to make their current manual transmission into an automatic transmission. I mean this line should be written as suzuki has devised a clever way to grab more money by making everyone fool, i mean really is it pakwheels blog or paksuzukiwheels blog??? this blog used to write articles explaining different transmission types and this time it is trying to tell everyone that they were telling lies then and right now they are surprised knowing that this system also exist,

  • Muhammad Ali Raza

    Suzuki Cultus AGS is much overpriced!

  • Sheikh ahmed

    Thanks to govt to bring japanes imported car. other wise suzuki mehran was fortune for pakistan middle class people. a car seems like a rikshaw .now suzuki started realize now this nation is not more fool. wasting money for nothing.

  • Hasnain Choudhry

    The price is expensive we can buy a much better Japanese automatic car in this price like Toyota passo https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e8d414e3d5de9ae58b3963fa982c8d70c7ccb273eabeb32504ed2716bd4fb9da.jpg

  • Hasnain Choudhry

    Chinese FAW is way much better

  • Guest

    He tried to write ‘shame’ but his hands shaking due to suzuki bullshit cars.

  • Guest

    Its like new superpower / eagle motorcyle, chinese auto gear shifting technology.

  • Ali


  • This Resale theory of this nation is responsible for driving 30 year old cars with new paint…