Suzuki Mehran is Still the Choice of Pakistan – Explained in 4 Steps


Suzuki Mehran has been a victim of Auto-critics for ages. Despite all critical analysis, Mehran has been one of the best-selling cars in Pakistan since its launch back in 1989. I understand the conflicting arguments surrounding Mehran, but it is an admitted fact that this car has maintained a great sale-resale demand due to its longevity and localization. Though my opinions tilt towards sarcasm whenever this topic is raised, nonetheless I will admit that this car is perhaps the most affordable car in Pakistan. Don’t believe me? Here are 4 reasons which will highlight the good points of Suzuki Mehran.

It’s Easy to Maintain:
Admit it or not, Mehran is quite easy to maintain no matter which part of the country you are using it in. JDM users often complain about the availability of qualified mechanics to get their cars fixed but this is not the case with Mehran. Almost every mechanic in the market can fix your Mehran against a very nominal sum of rupees. Moreover, the after-market parts of Mehran are cheaper than that of Yamaha’s YBR 125. You can easily find and get your damaged parts replaced from anywhere in your city. The rear bumper of Suzuki Mehran is available for around 1200-1400Rs in Lahore. In comparison to 660 JDM’s, Mehran is highly affordable and maintenance friendly.

It sells like hotcake:
Despite the fact that Mehran is a mere ‘Box-on-Wheels’, it has a great resale value. My personal experience of selling Mehran says that it is just like liquid cash i.e. ready to be liquidated at any instant of time without the hassle of finding a wealthy customer. If you want a car that can sell in a day, Mehran is the best choice for you.

It is a perfect student car:
For students who are always broke, Mehran is the best partner to your student life. It isn’t a burden on your pocket in terms of mileage, maintenance, and repairing. You can easily afford Mehran in a limited pocket money.

Never gets outdated:
From the past 30 years, we haven’t witnessed any significant upgrade or change in the interior or aerodynamics of Mehran. Even if you drive a 10 year old Mehran and get its front grill replaced with a latest one, you have converted to a new model of Mehran.

Shaf Younus

I'm an Auto Enthusiast, a Computer Science Graduate and above all, Citizen of Pakistan.

Notable Replies

  1. I feel criticism of this car is totally justified. The car is unsafe, obsolete, uncomfortable, inefficient, and not visually appealing as well. We need to have cars in line with international market, the Pakistani consumer deserves value for his/her money.
    We do not need globally obsolete junk only being dumped in Pakistan, we need modern cars.

  2. I think OP is 110% right.

    Even if Mehran is discontinued and we get a state of the art modern small car in its place then where are state of the art roads, signals, petrol, mechanics and electricians and their tools.

    Also don't forget that on roads you will have to fight for space with gadha gadis, chingchis, chondas, buffaloes, future cricketers, shops etc.

    @mehranferrari, your comment regarding "value for money" is probably justified. But even in this case our bureaucracy is to blame not the public like us or car manufacturers.

  3. At the first place, is this thing worthy of calling a CAR? Pak Suzuki has been looting Pakistanis for decades by selling this crap. We are not aware of our rights as consumers otherwise its manufacturing would have been stopped long ago or at least manufacturer would have been compelled to raise the quality to a respectable level.

  4. Absolutely there is no competition at all to nail coffin of Mehran and thats the selling point of this car.
    No body cars about above four point if they can get a modern car in same price range.

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