This is the Thai Toyota Vios, Indus Motors is bringing to Pakistan


2015 is going to be a great year for Pakistani motoring, Indus Motors is slated to launch the Yaris hatchback, Vios sedan to replace Xli and we’ve received reports from Pak Suzuki that they are also coming with a new car within the next six months. However, let’s not make this about someone else and focus on the Toyota Vios.

Toyota Thailand launched the Toyota Vios aka Toyota Belta (in Japan) which is a 4 door sedan and by the looks of it, it does look elegant and decent. The unique design certainly matches the today’s automobile industry standards and ergonomically, suits Pakistan as well.

Trims and Prices:

It is being offered in 5 trims just like the Yaris but the baseline models have an option of automatic and manual transmission. Below, we would look through the trims and specifications along with their equivalent prices in Pakistani currency.

S A/T 743,000 Baht (Rs. 2247000)

  • 4 A/T with Shift lock
  • ECO Meter
  • Blackening Projector Headlight
  • Front Fog Lamp
  • Blackening Front Grill
  • Blackening Rear Mold
  • Power Adjustable Side Mirror with Turn Signal
  • Chromium Door Handle (Outside)
  • Piano Black Front Console and Side Door
  • Sport Fabric Seat
  • Sport Dual Front Seat
  • Leather Steering Wheel with Silver Line
  • Metallic Door Handle (Inside)
  • Sport Analog Meter
  • 16 Inch Blackening Alloy

G A/T 699,000 Baht (Rs. 2140000)

  • 4 A/T with Shift lock
  • ECO Meter
  • Projector Headlight
  • Chromium Front Grill
  • Chromium Rear Mold
  • Power Adjustable Side Mirror with Turn Signal
  • Metallic Front Console and Side Door
  • Leather Steering Wheel with Silver Line
  • Chromium Door Handle (Inside)
  • 15 Inch Alloy

TRD Sportvio 669,000 Baht (Rs. 2048000)

  • Multi reflector Headlamps
  • Seat’s Material Leather with TRD Sprotivo Emblem
  • 4 Speaker / 1 DVD with 7” Touch screen SD Card / HDMI / MIC / Bluetooth and Support Smart G-Book Application
  • Front/Rear/Side Skirt and Rear Spoiler
  • Emblem TRD Sportivo (Rear)
  • Sticker TRD Sportivo
  • Exhaust Pipe Stainless
  • Floor Carpet
  • 15 inches Alloy TRD

E 654,000 Baht A/T, 619,000 Baht M/T (Rs. 2002000 A/T, Rs. 1895000 M/T 

  • 4 A/T with Shift lock or 5 M/T
  • ECO Meter
  • Multi Reflector Headlight
  • Color Key Front Grill with Chromium Line
  • Power Adjustable Side Mirror
  • Metallic Front Console
  • Urethane Steering Wheel with Silver Line
  • Driver Sun Visor with Mirror
  • 15 Inch Alloy

J 589,000 Baht A/T, 559,000 Baht M/T (Rs. 1803000 A/T, 1712000 M/T)

  • 4 A/T with Shift lock or 5 M/T
  • ECO Meter
  • Multi Reflector Headlight
  • Color Key Front Grill with Chromium Line
  • Urethane Steering Wheel
  • Audio 2 Speaker
  • 15 Inch Steel

Engine and Transmission:

The Vios comes with only one engine which is a 1.5l inline 4 1NZ-FE. It is a very good engine which delivers decent power and a good fuel economy. Unlike the Yaris, the Vios offers a choice of 4 A/T and 5 M/T in the base models J  and E but that comes with a significant price difference.


The Thai Vios is offered in 7 different colors and they’re surely very attractive. Silky Beige, Quartz Brown, Red Mica Metallic, Super White, Silver Metallic, Grey Metallic and finally, the Attitude Black Mica.

As discussed before, we’re in doubt if these colors would be offered or not but we’re sure that the colors offered in latest Indus Corolla would be shared with this.

Our Opinion:

The Toyota Vios is a very good looking car in our opinion. Not much for the Toyota Yaris but the Toyota Vios excites us. A totally different 4-door sedan which looks decent and not overdone. It’s obvious just like the Yaris that the Vios will be offered in two or maximum three variants with options of 1.3l 1NR-FE and 1.5l 1NZ-FE for the flagship and a conventional automatic and 5 speed manual transmissions.







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