The delayed VMIS system could’ve avoided your car being stolen

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Car theft is thriving in the whole of country and so is the businesses of tracker companies and while their efficiency is dubious but motor car buyers make every effort to help themselves to avoid their vehicles being stolen but car thieves has always been a step ahead of tracker companies by jamming or neutralizing them.

In 2006, NADRA had come up with a ingenious solution to car theft called the Vehicle Management and Interception System, VMIS in short and presented to the provincial governments who wanted to implement the system but unfortunately, they didn’t.

There were different reasons but as Pakistan Today has mentioned, private sector tracking companies and the police was reluctant to install it as it would double their work but what they wouldn’t account for was the significant drop in car theft statistics that it was to offer.

The VMIS system used RFID chips installed in cards on the windscreen of cars that would work as tracking and any interference with those cars such as; removing them or putting them offline would’ve alerted the authorities. The RFID would’ve then read the VIN of the car through RFID readers installed in various part of the cities, coupled with NADRA’s database, it could’ve then helped in not just curbing car theft but also, the tax authorities to point out illegal cars.

There are 1.5 million car registered only in Karachi and all of them would’ve been registered within four to five months at a monthly fee of only Rs 1200 per motor vehicle and Rs 350 per motorcycle.

However, controlling law and order in the cities seems to be least of the concern of police even when technology offers better results just through looking at a computer screen.


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  1. Talha Malik says

    Jammers are simple devices which can JAM GSM signals and trackers were never a fool proof system. These systems are most successful once you are spying on someone or during peace times once a Manager MT wants to know the position of his vehicles or wants to know the exact location of his goods. Traditionally you can wire a tracker by providing it with a positive and a ground. This is all what an installer in Pakistan can do but if you can bring some innovation and hide it in an place then maybe it may prove helpful. Like hardwire it within a fusebox such as GSM part becomes a permanent fixture and use another tracker as a decoy for peace time application.

  2. Waseeq Ahmed says

    Mr. Talha this rfid system is offline device it cannot be disabled by jammer.
    its a perfect solution.

  3. Sonu Monu says

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  4. Talha Khalid says

    rs.1200 monthly? ur crazy

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