How the world’s most expensive car crash that includes 8 Ferraris, 3 Mercedes and a Lamborghini happened

Car accidents don’t usually make up to news websites or even car blogs because they no one considers anything of significance lost in them however, if they’re fatal accidents, than due to their significant loss, some make it to large news outlets and some with smalls.

However, in this car accident, gladly no life was lost but yet this accident made it on Pakwheels due to the nature of cars involved in the accident. 8 Ferraris , 3 Mercedes, a Lamborghini were speeding in Japan when somehow, all crash into each other causing the world’s most expensive expensive car crash, a Toyota Prius was also involved in the crash but it is highly unlikely that it was speeding – it most likely was at the wrong place at the wrong time.

The crash that resulted $ 3.85 million in damage took place along the Chugoku Expressway in the southern part of the Yamaguchi Prefecture near Shimonoseki.

How it happened:

Based on the images this was our original guess, but it’s been partially confirmed by a police official who did an interview with the AFP.

“It’s highly possible they were driving in couples,” the official said.

Taking eyewitness reports and combining them with the eyewitness reports it becomes clearer how the accident happened.

The drivers of the Ferraris were lined up with one another as driving in “couples” when they rounded the Chugoku Expressway heading towards the supercar meet-up in Hiroshima. Most of the Ferrari drivers didn’t know each other and instead organized the drive on the Internet.

The lead driver was the Ferrari F430 Scuderia, which was driven by a 60-year-old businessman from Fukuoka.

He came across a slower moving car (probably the Prius seen in the photos) and attempted to pass. While doing so he spun out. A TV eyewitness told broadcaster NHK that “the front car crashed into the left embankment and bounced off towards me.”

Driving in such close formation the cars behind him all reacted, but their proximity created a chain reaction. The white Ferrari 512 hit the back of the black Mercedes and crashed into the guardrail. The other F430 in the group managed to avoid the accident but the two red Ferraris (an F355 and a F360) behind weren’t so lucky. Then the next Ferrari F355, attempting to avoid the accident, also crashed into the guard rail.

Other cars did the same until there were a total of 14 damaged, including a pair of bystanders in Toyotas who had nothing to do with the convoy.

Police say they believe the pileup Sunday was touched off when the driver of one of the Ferraris tried to change lanes and hit the median barrier.

He spun across the freeway, and the other cars collided while trying to avoid hitting his car.

It’s slightly difficult to tell from pictures, but the Ferraris involved appear to include multiple F355s, F430s (including a Scuderia), an F360, and some form of F512.

Other cars include the aforementioned Mercedes-Benz products (including a CL600-ish type vehicle), a car described as a Lamborghini Diablo, a Nissan Skyline, and one Toyota Prius.

Regardless of how it happened, it’s a sad way to see $3.85 million worth of exotics destroyed.

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