Things To Do When You Buy A Brand New Suzuki

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In Pakistan, Pak Suzuki is notorious for their reputation of serving below quality equipment, and these are the few things that I think most of the people change, and should change after buying their new Suzuki.

Replace tyres: In Pakistan, though everyone has their own experience, a lot of people go on to replace the tyres on their vehicles, because Pak Suzuki and the rest of the companies, in the name of cost cutting, they install smaller size which than affects performance.

Replace mats: Replace the carpet mats with high quality plastic mats (Price range from Rs.600-800).

Replace Side Mirrors (Only for Mehran): Replace it with a convex mirror. You can find variety of designs which are compatible with Suzuki Mehran. This will increase your vision on the sides of your car.

Install Seat Covers: Use quality seat cover over the current clothe of your Suzuki so it is easier to clean and can be replaced in case of damage. Rexine seat covers are not preferred since they get hotter in the summers.

Get Insurance: Get your car insured that suits your requirement and is in budget on preference. Suzukis enjoy great interest from thieves.

 Other things to consider:

Install Keyless entry or a Central Locking System: Always use high quality locking system, avoid cheap systems which go bonkers soon and a good system may cost you more but eventually fend off thieves as your car may seem high work to them.

Install Head Rests: They prevents whiplash injuries so DO IT!

Replace Original Number Plates: Replace the computerized number plate issued by the Excise and Taxation Office. It often gets stolen, duplicate are not issued. Remember the new plates shall be in accordance with the law. Strictly avoid using fancy number plates.

Steering Wheel Cover: It gives a better grip, and protection to your hands against the cheap plastic and dust which accumulates on the steering wheel.

Rearview Mirror Decoration: In last, don’t forget to decorate your rearview mirror. Kidding!

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  1. Usman Dar says

    Hello sir,
    I am new to pakwheels and cars in general. I am a student and I want to buy my first car. I have 4.5 lack rupees budget and I can spend around 20k on maintenance after purchasing the car. What would you recommend. I do not want a mehran or any old cars like khyber and charade. Thank you

  2. S.Sarwar says

    Well Usman,

    The the following are options available to you, keeping in view your budget:

    1. Alto VXR
    2. Suzuki Mehran
    3. Cultus
    4. Hyundai Santro
    5. Coure
    6. Chevy Joy

    I will personally prefer Joy, but it has low resale value and a bit expensive repair and maintenance.

  3. Usman Dar says

    what year cultus can I get with the money I have?

  4. Abdul Hannan says

    and check the suspension bolts too…..and grease the suspension too for quieter ride

  5. S.Sarwar says

    2003 or 2004 Model

  6. law breacher says

    I think one should totally avoid buying suzuki… instead of so many replacements get a used reconditioned car. You’ll get most of the things already installed.

  7. Zaeem Akhtar says

    Any idea about price of seat covers? Got a new Mehran will buy matts soon.

  8. Shahid Mehmood says

    Also mention the accessories we should have in a car not only in suzuki 😉 .. eg: Reverse Cam, Parking Sensors, etc.

  9. Usman Haider Sheikh says

    i’d get santro in 4.30 and spend 40k over it.

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