Tips To Maintain Suspension Of Your Vehcile.

Suspension plays a very vital role in the driving dynamics of your car. It ensures that you are having a full control of the car. The suspension is series of components which include your car tyres, springs, shock absorbers, linkage etc which are responsible for linking your car to its wheels. A well-maintained suspension ensures your comfort while driving, with the passage of time suspension components, lose their strength and replacements are required to ensure its smooth operation. Here are some tips you can follow to increase the longevity of your car’s suspension but first let’s talk about how you can detect a worn out suspension:

  • Vehicles shake during driving.
  • The steering wheel doesn’t come back to its normal position after you release it.
  • Uneven, bouncy or unstable ride.
  • Irregular tyre wear.
  • Unusual steering feedback.

Tips to maintain your car’s suspension:

First of all, nothing lasts forever and same goes for your car and its components but a little care can easily help you avoid spending money much more often. So follow the below tips which can help you make most out of your car’s suspension.

1.Take Care of Tyres


Inspect the tyres of your car as they are arguably the most important part of any car and the only thing in contact with the ground. Under inflated tyres can be quite dangerous. A blowout can occur causing massive load on the suspension. On the other hand under inflation makes your car consume more fuel and can also disturb handling and braking performance which is bad for your cars’ suspension especially under heavy load.tyres-1

2.Wheels Alignment Matters

Make sure your wheels are properly aligned to improve your car’s handling. Wheel alignment won’t necessarily damage your suspension directly but it can lead to tyre damage which in return can cause suspension damage so you might need to keep your car wheels in check.

wheelalignment-23.Give Springs A Break

Every vehicle has some sort of springs which help support its weight while also absorbing huge bumps. Slowing down at bumps while avoiding overloading the vehicle can surely help the springs to survive for long. If you feel uneven weight distribution in your car then chances are one or more springs of your car have lived their days and need a replacement.


4.Shock Absorbers Leakage

Shock absorbers make sure your car tyres are always in contact with the ground. They contain a liquid which pushes the piston and regulates the movement of the springs. A leakage in shock absorber can greatly affect the other components of the suspension especially the springs. It should be replaced soon after the problem has been detected.


5.Check Bushing and Joints

When you have an oil change make sure you get all the bushings and joints of the steering wheel and suspension check by the mechanic for possible wear. Although such checks are a part of wheel alignment but still make sure enough lubrication is applied to the joints if necessary. An older vehicle which use tie rod ends and ball joints need a periodic lubrication.


6.Steering System

Cars using a hydraulic power steering need to be checked for steering fluid and belt tightness for every 10,000kms. Low fluid or a bad belt can contribute in damaging important steering wheel components which in return affect the car’s handling. This is very unsafe and can cause suspension damage.

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Last but not least make sure you change few driving habits which can kill your suspension. Slowing down at huge bumps, avoid potholes, avoid overloading and slowing down on the surfaces which can give your car an air time will greatly increase the longevity of the suspension.


So there you have it. Do you think we missed any important tip? Make sure to leave a comment below.

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