Tire wear patterns you should know

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After a certain amount of time, everything wears down, and same is the case with the tires of the car. They are the only part of the vehicle which faces the most beat compared to any other part of the vehicle. It fights with both air and road friction, which causes it to wear quicker than part of the car. We have written so many articles on how one can protect the tires of the car. In this article, we will tell you people about different types of tire wears and their cause.

Tire wear takes on many patterns, which one should know to keep himself safe from any mishap.

Camber and Toe wear

When car’s tires wear on the inner or outside edges prematurely, it is known as Camber or Toe wear.

Camber wear occurs due to many reasons two of them being suspension and wheel misalignment. Same is the case with Toe wear it happens due to misalignment of the wheels.  The camber and toe wear reduces steering response. The main difference between the camber and toe wear is mentioned below:

  • Camber wear: Exaggerated inner or outerwear
  • Toe wear: Thin inner or outer edge wear

So, if you see camber and toe wear on your tires then go to a tire expert and act accordingly.


Centre wear

centre waerDue to over-inflation, the tires wear out from the centre as shown in the picture, this phenomenon is known as centre wear.

Over-inflation in tires causes a bulge in the middle, causing the contact patch to shrink while the centre of tire carries the whole load. This wears the tires from their centre. The centre wear increases the risk of a tire blow out. The simple way to avoid centre wear is to inflate your tires as recommended by the manufacturers.

Shoulder/Edge wear

Shoulder tearIt is the exact opposite of centre wear, due to under-inflation the tires wear at higher pace from its edges. It reduces the tires’ lives. Additionally, it also decreases the fuel economy of the vehicle as the under-inflated tires make the engine of the car to work more. To stop tires from wearing out from their edges, always inflate them as recommended by the manufacturer.



Cup wear

Cup or cupping wear is basically an uneven wear pattern on the tire, which arises due to the vehicle using overused shock absorbers—in simple terms, the tire on the road goes up and down irregularly, and with lousy shock absorbers they cannot properly bite the road causing the tires to wear unevenly. The cupped tire may cause noise when driving a vehicle at high speed. The cup wear is also known as tire scalloping.

Reasons for cup wear:

  • The poor quality of the tire
  • Overused shock absorbers and tires imbalance


To avoid the cup wear, one must need to rotate the tires after an equal interval of times and change the shock absorbers at a proper time as recommended by the car manufacturer. This simple step will not only protect the tires from cup wear but also increase their lives as well.



That’s it from our side, if you know any other type of tire wear, do mention it in the comments section below.

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