Top Gear power board leader ‘Ariel’ to build bikes


Ariel Atom V8 which leads the power board (Lap times) of the most famous motoring show Top Gear, which is also the most famous show televised on BBC. The Ariel Atom is a precision tool in a world increasingly filled with dull objects. The Atom, like a high performance sport bike, is designed to do one thing and one thing only: go as fast as the driver can take it on the track.

Now though, Ariel – which started manufacturing bikes in 1898 – will make a return to the two-wheeled world in 2012 with plans to build 200 in its first year and rather like it like its cars, they promise to be rather fast.

Ariel boss, Simon Saunders, said, ‘They’ll be quick, but won’t necessarily feel it. There are lots of 202mph bikes out there, but most people can’t put the power down. We want all of the performance to be achievable, not academic – we’re not chasing big numbers.

‘Like the Atom, no two bikes will be the same – we want to offer more than a superbike or track bike. If a customer tells us they want something set up for touring, we’ll make it.’

First concept image of Ariel’s bike.

Saunders promised to Motorcycle News that an Ariel bike will be, “High performance, fun to ride and bespoke.” Reportedly, such a bike would cost £20,000, or more than $32,000 which is quite a big amount when talking about motorcycles.

Ariel plans to build the bike with engine supplied by Honda like Civic Type-R engine it uses in the Atom however, if the bike is anything like the car Ariel makes than this would be one hell of a bike.

Baber K. Khan

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