Top Selling Cars Of May 2017


Pakistan is a rapidly growing economy where as the auto industry of the country is gradually showing signs of progress. Pakistan’s Auto-industry has seen  a considerable growth  after global investors started to show keen interest towards Pakistan while current manufacturers up their game a notch to tackle new competition by introducing modern and more advance vehicles for the customers. Using the official stats from Pakistan Automotive Manufacturers Association we have compiled a list of top selling motor cars in Pakistan as of MAY 2017.

1. Toyota Corolla

Since its launch not only in Pakistan but around the globe Toyota Corolla has maintained the top selling crown for over 50 years now. Corolla is available in many variants namely

  • 1.3L XLI/GLi
  • 1.6 ALTIS
  • 1.8 ALTIS
  • 1.8 ALTIS Grande

While starting at a price of PKR17,29,000 all the way upto PKR 23,89,000, Corolla has everything you need in a  car. Toyota sold over 4220 units of Corolla in the month of May alone.

2.  Suzuki Mehran

Available since 1989, Mehran is  considered a very popular car among the Pakistani consumers . Despite being heavily criticized and sold with 3 decade old design this car still manages to pull out amazing sales each year. While the prices start from PKR 679,000 ,  Suzuki sold 3385 of these variants  in the month of May.  It is Predicted that after the announcement of the Orange Cab Scheme by the Government last month ,  sales of this this car will see new heights .

3. Suzuki Wagon R

Wagon R is a relatively newer car on the roads of Pakistan. Despite the presence of a superior and cheaper imported Wagon R already present in the market, the locally manufacturer Wagon R is selling in good numbers. Mainly due to the 1000cc engine as compared to the 660cc present in the JDM variant and a very worthy average fuel economy of 17-18km/L has helped strengthen its sale. The car also comes equipped with power steering which makes it a very easy car to maneuver. Wagon R is a very common choice for small families in Pakistan due to its spacious cabin and ample amount of leg space. It is available for sale in two variants namely

  • Wagon R VXR (PKR 10,52,000)
  • Wagon R VXL (PKR 10,94,000)

Suzuki sold 1927 units of Wagon R in the month of May this year.

4. Suzuki Cultus

Although officially introduced in early 90’s the Suzuki Cultus became an instant hit due to its sleek design and a very fuel efficient 1000cc engine. It was until 2017 the car received a major upgrade both in terms of design and equipment. Cultus has enjoyed strong sales since its launch and the new model is leaving no stone turned  to keep up with the legacy as you can see many units of Cultus on the  roads of Pakistan just a month after its release. Now equipped with safety tech such as ABS, power steering and airbags this new model is no doubt a step forward than the previous one. Just like Wagon R, the Suzuki Cultus comes in two variants namely

  • Suzuki Cultus VXR (PKR 12,50,000)
  • Suzuki Cultus VXL (PKR 13,91,000)

Suzuki sold  2012 units of Cultus in the month of May this year.

5. Honda City & Civic

PAMA’s sale figures put both Civic and City in one category. Honda competes with the sales of Toyota Corolla with both Honda City and Civic. Traditionally Honda City always enjoyed a good number of sales while Civic always fell behind in terms of sale when compared to both Corolla and City. With the launch of the new model Civic has turned tables and  it has captured a huge segment of the consumers due to its sporty exterior and high tech features. Both Civic and City has many variants on sale in Pakistan. City starts from PKR 15,33,000 and goes all the way upto PKR 18,25,000 whereas the Civic will set you back from PKR 23,49,000 to PKR 24,99,000 while more costly Turbo variant has been discontinued temporarily , which was priced at PKR 29,99,000. A combined 3784 units of both City and Civic were sold in the month of May.

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