A Toyota Customer Facelifts The Corolla Grande

Famous Behavioral psychologist Joseph Sigry once said that “While shopping for a vehicle, you’re looking for a ride that fits the three dimensions of your  “self concept”: who you think you are, who you want to be, and how you’d like others to see you.  The first part of this statement  rings true for Bilal Mehmood, a (senior) PakWheels member who showed his creative skills to the world by remodeling the exterior of his brand new Toyota Corolla.

‘I wanted to go for the facelifted Corolla Grande but unfortunately dealerships are not entertaining any orders on higher variants of upcoming Corolla’ said Bilal. Unlike a majority of consumers who would have played it safe by waiting another 8-9 months, Bilal decided to do the complete opposite. He bought the (current) Toyota Corolla Grande and imported the body kit from Thailand. While talking to PakWheels Bilal revealed that the whole procedure cost him 180,000 rupees and included import, installation and paint job on the body kit.



Abdul Hanan

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  1. Thank you for the update. Could you or Bilal share with me, as to which workshop did he get his car face-lifted from. I have just bought a Grande would like to have it done too.

    All the Best

  2. Seems good. But what happened afterwards ? How about the warranty of the car. Any electrical issues afterwards ? Any wire tempering ? ECU ?

  3. I want to facelift my grande 2017 to new one. I bought 2018 headlights from Bilal gunj, Just came to know that its headlight grip is not same as current headlight grip.

    How i can find grip to grip fitting or any electrition did same modifcation? or any one have information about this?

  4. Dont go for modification buy a new grip that connects both from AliExpress you will find it there

    At what costs did you get the headlights ??

  5. Can you share item link on ali express.... ? This really helps me...


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