Toyota Belta 2011-An Owner’s Review

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We are back with another owner’s review, and this time we are reviewing the Toyota Belta, 2011 model. Toyota launched this car in 2006. The company called it Belta, while the hatchback with the same specifications is known as Vitz. Meanwhile, the same vehicle, both sedan/hatchbacks, was famous as Yaris in the Gulf Region.

This car remained in production till 2012, and then the company upgraded this car into a new model, named Vios.  

Price and Purchase Decision: 

The owner bought this 1000cc car in 2018 in Rs 1,160,000. Sharing his purchase decision, he told us that he wanted to buy an imported car because he has been driving imported 660cc vehicles. “I wanted to buy an imported car in a budget of Rs1.2million and found Belta as a best available choice,” he said.

According to the owner, the car’s boot, AC performance and drive comfort were the deciding factor for him.

Boot Space of Toyota Belta: 

The owner told us that the car has an ample boot space. “I had hatchbacks before and always faced issues in keeping my audio base tube in the car,” he said, adding that with a trunk, he doesn’t face any issue now.  

Parts Availability of Toyota Belta: 

As per the owner, its parts are very easily available; however, the prices are a bit higher. “The high price is due to market factor as shopkeepers charge more for Belta as compared to Vitz, although many of their parts are same,” he shared.

Key Features: 

The car has power windows, power steering, dual airbags, ABS and headlight adjustment. “The headlight adjustment is a great feature, especially on long routes as I keep the beam on the road,” the owner said.

Furthermore, the car has no cabin sound, which is a great feature.  

Is Car Underpower? 

As per the owner, it depends on the driving style as he has been driving 600cc; hence, it is not underpowered for him.

Fuel Average of Toyota Belta: 

The intracity average of the car is 9 kilometres/litre with AC, while it gives around 11 kilometres/litre without AC.

Missing Features: 

“If I see overall features of the car there are no missing features in it, I am totally satisfied,” the owner said.

Know Faults of Toyota Belta: 

There are two known faults in the engine of this car, first is the knocking, while second is vibration on slow speed.

Ground Clearance: 

Like most of the Japanese cars, Belta also has ground clearance issues on local roads. “I have installed thick tyres in it and have lowered the frame; hence, I do face issues on speed breakers,” the owner said.

Infotainment Screen: 

The owner has installed an aftermarket infotainment touchscreen as the car has a CD player option as standard.

Sitting Space: 

The car has ample sitting space on both front and back seats, making it a very comfortable vehicle for travel. Additionally, the car’s bed is flat, which means three persons can easily sit in the vehicle.

Resale Value: 

According to the owner, the resale value of Toyota Belta is very good as he has seen multiple advertisements online. Furthermore, a sedan car in this budget is hard to find; hence, the demand for this car has increased significantly in the last couple of years.

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