Russian Youtuber Burns Down Rs2.6 Crore’s Mercedes

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A Russian Youtuber, Mikhail Litvin, has burnt down the Mercedes AMG GT 63 S worth PKR 2.6-crore ($161,200). According to the media reports, he took the step under sheer annoyance. If reports to be believed, Litvin’s car repeatedly broke down since he bought it.

The Youtuber sent the car to Mercedes dealership for five times, but his issue persisted. As per reports, the dealership didn’t take any step to resolve his problems. The dealership would either excuse itself from resolving the issue or kept the car for weeks without fixing it.

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Eventually, he decided to send a message to Mercedes Benz. He flamed the car in an open, wet grassy field after throwing fuel on it. In the video, he can be trying multiple times before the vehicle caught fire.

The video has garnered over 11 million views in last four days. In the description of the video, Litvin expressed his anger, which roughly translated: “I have been thinking for a long time what to do with my Shark after the conflict with Mercedes. I think the idea is FIRE, The End; I am not a happy man.”

We don’t have mean to know whether it was real anger or just a publicity stunt. In any case, it is a very costly video.

Not the First Time with Mercedes in Russia:

This is not the first time; this kind of incident has happened in Russia. In December last year, another Russian Vlogger dropped his Mercedes AMG G63 from 1,000 feet from a helicopter. He also took the step over unreliability and sale service issues.

According to Igor Moroz, the car was creating repeated issues, since he bought it in 2018. Hence, out of anger, he decided to drop it from a helicopter.

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