Toyota Islamabad Motors Fixes The Defective Corolla After PakWheels Story

We have always sided with the consumers and enthusiasts whenever it comes to covering the automotive industry and our efforts have made us a prominent stakeholder of the industry.  Naturally, it is a great responsibility and we try to be as fair as possible. If you don’t know yet, well Toyota delivered a defective new Corolla to a customer, PakWheels covered his story making Toyota react to fix the problem as per the customer’s wishes which were previously ignored.

After PakWheels story, Indus Motors moved swiftly to attend Nabeel and his woes with them and this letter was received from Nabeel:

Dear PakWheels,

This to inform you that your efforts in raising my problem have been fruitful and the bonnet and passenger light of my car have been replaced.

After publishing my complaint on the PakWheels Blog, which had already been pending for the past two months, was taken up on high priority by the After Sales Department of Indus Motor Company and Toyota Islamabad dealership.

It was the factual nature and effectiveness of the article that communicated my problem to the higher officials of not only Toyota Islamabad Motors but also to Indus Motor Company. As soon as the article was published, I was contacted by the Head of Toyota Islamabad Motors, Mr. Safdar Awan for a meeting. He was extremely humble and co-operative. He promised to resolve my issue as per my complete satisfaction. In addition to him, Toyota Indus Aftersales also helped in the resolution of my problem on priority. As a result everything that had been pending for 2 whole months, despite my follow-ups, was done in a matter of mere 1 week.

I think this is the true response that every customer who puts his trust in you deserves. By being active enough to reach out to the customer’s problem and also sometimes knocking their doors for feedback of the product you not only win their trust and loyalty but also prove yourself as the best manufacturer. On the contrary if the customer is left knocking on the door for aftersales, I think that gives a negative impression.

I cannot thank enough for their immense support and encouragement as well as their proactive approach in highlighting my problem in the true sense by being the only one to speak out for the consumer rights in Pakistan.

The truth is, I actually felt valuable when the customer care approached me as it showed that they actually practice and believe in customer “care”.

Keep up the good work and thank you very much PakWheels.

Keep blogging!


Nabeel Ur Rehman

So please do write to us your issues, suggestions, and tips and we will give you a space to be a voice in Pakistan’s automotive industry.

The response that followed this whole ordeal was in fact due to the PakWheelers and our readers who frequent this small voice of the industry and turn it into the biggest one. Thank you everyone!

We also reached out to Indus Motors for comments, but we have yet to hear from them.

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  • Saad R.


  • Aawish

    Plz solve the damned brakes of XLis…

  • abbas

    fault is at dealership and they did not take of customer complaint until Toyota-Indus takes notice or force the dealership to resolve the issue.

  • asad

    This will never happen.

  • Ali Mehdi

    First of all he shouldnt be thanking those goons, they were never going to give a rats ass about his complaint if it wasnt for pakwheels, anyways it good to hear that his problem has been resolved but this was not the only instance of “badmashi” by these goons, so its better to avoid them in the first place

  • Adnan Khan

    Good job PakWheels.

  • wasted youth

    Don’t worry, XLi is going to be discontinued soon. Hope you will see “Vios” replacing XLi. Vios is a luxury car, even more than Altis. Interior and exterior much better than corolla. Fingers crossed…!!!

  • wasted youth

    Good news to know. This is basically the attitude of whole Pakistan, every one needs “Danda” to do the job.

  • Faiz

    Unless you don’t raise your voice, do not expect anything to be done. That’s what this nation lacks, at this moment. Kudos to PakWheels for taking the initiative and doing something for the person, thanks, given hope to future buyers 🙂

  • Ibrahim

    expected date for the launch of toyota vios

  • syed

    Great job done with the help of pakwheels. 5stars for pakwheels n 2 stars for toyota indus coz of too late reply Which should be done earlier.

  • Raja Atta

    Pakwheels is really doing the great job. Keep up the good work pk wheels

  • Razzaq

    No one Knows te actual fact behind this issue.

  • Ali

    well said

  • Kash

    I hope it does not turn into a gang or something. People may abuse your forum to blackmail. Putting anything directly on your page without knowing other side of the story will be considered a biased opinion.

  • Kamran Usman

    Good job Pakwheels. Also Kudos to the people who visit this blog as I am sure they must have spoken out too.. I did my part back then by sending a message to Toyota Pakistan and Toyota International on facebook.

  • Rosh

    well done Pakwheels

  • Baber

    How dumb of me to have forgotten to mention you guys!!!! Thank you for reminding.

  • Guest

    Well, fingers crossed. Let’s see. Hope is because of the competition being increased by the private importers. As it is already seen that official toyota prius is at more than Rs 4 millions whereas private importers deliver the same at about Rs 2 to 2.5 millions.

  • Shafaat

    Good work, well done Pakwheels team. All credit goes to you

  • rashid

    I believe they will be responsible before running any story in future and make sure it is based on facts. If it is, it should be put in all its glory to help people.

    Really glad this gentleman got his car fixed!

  • Usman

    Thumbs up to Pak Wheels! Well done you guys!

  • Masroor Gilani

    Congratulations and well done PakWheels. It’s heartening to see the most acclaimed website for automobile enthusiasts in Pakistan becoming the watchdog of consumer rights. It’s good both for consumers and automobile companies and it will also force their authorized dealers to provide better after-sale care to clients.

  • Baber

    We have received numerous stories of people but we only run or pay heed to those who have evidence to produce for the article.

  • Wilson Toyota Scion

    It is so important to be able to communicate with customer care when there is an issue, nice blog.