VIDEO: Ford Trolls Men With A Woman And A Mustang For The Valentine’s Day

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We all know it, men love women, but more than that men love Mustangs.

Ford Motor Company in America decided to give the males a tough time this Valentine’s with the concept of ‘Speed Dating’, literally. They set up a dating point with cameras all around and the main thing, a gleaming red Mustang GT with camera’s hidden in it.

In the script, they used the cliche of a dumb blonde (actually a talented professional stunt driver), who dates a couple of men and then they both leave in her Mustang, where she acts dumb again until she drives into a parking lot and scare the hell out of her date.

Watch the video below and enjoy Ford troll:

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  1. Geekpk says

    sucks to be living in pakistan.

  2. Lazy Sapper says

    Plot twist: Women can’t do that. Nicely edited to make it look like she is doing when she is not.

  3. Heder Aziz says

    Agreed, 110%. 🙁

  4. Salman Abbas says

    Why does it suck? Because of us. Who can make it not suck? Us. 😉

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