VIDEO: Ford Trolls Men With A Woman And A Mustang For The Valentine’s Day

We all know it, men love women, but more than that men love Mustangs.

Ford Motor Company in America decided to give the males a tough time this Valentine’s with the concept of ‘Speed Dating’, literally. They set up a dating point with cameras all around and the main thing, a gleaming red Mustang GT with camera’s hidden in it.

In the script, they used the cliche of a dumb blonde (actually a talented professional stunt driver), who dates a couple of men and then they both leave in her Mustang, where she acts dumb again until she drives into a parking lot and scare the hell out of her date.

Watch the video below and enjoy Ford troll:

Fahad Mehmood

Fahad Mehmood is an ardent car enthusiast and a photographer by profession. He's been an active PakWheels member since the beginning. When he's not writing about cars, he's shooting people and things with his camera. He hopes to go viral one day.

  • Geekpk

    sucks to be living in pakistan.

  • Lazy Sapper

    Plot twist: Women can’t do that. Nicely edited to make it look like she is doing when she is not.

  • Heder Aziz

    Agreed, 110%. 🙁

  • Salman Abbas

    Why does it suck? Because of us. Who can make it not suck? Us. 😉