Toyota Vios 2018: What to expect!

For the last few months, rumours have been circulating about the discontinuation of Xli and Gli variant of the Toyota Corolla lineup. Toyota may be changing their strategy of offering two different categories of the sedan to compete with Honda, or it may be because of the threat of new upcoming international companies.

As we already know that Toyota Indus Motor imports parts for their locally assembles cars from Thailand so we can expect the upcoming Toyota Vios to be quite similar to the one offered in Thailand. Toyota Thailand offers four variants (S, G, E & J). As Honda City comes in two main variants, Honda City and Honda City Aspire, so we will be only looking at the fully loaded version and the base version of Toyota Vios. We won’t be discussing the powertrain options, and the transmission as that has already been done by my fellow bloggers. We’ll only shed light on the interior, exterior and features.2016 Toyota Vios China Motor Show (1)

2016 Toyota Vios China Motor Show (2)

On the exterior of the car, you get Projection LED headlamps which really elevate the looks of the car and give it a sporty and aggressive look. The front bumper also houses LED daytime running lights and fog lamps for foggy weather. The base version gets simple multi-reflector headlamps with simple black plastic covering the bumper inserts for the Daytime running lights as well as the fog lamps.

Toyota Vios 2018 (1)Toyota Vios 2018 (5)


The back side of both the variants is pretty similar. The only noticeable difference is the chrome grill for the fully loaded variant and body coloured grill for the base variant. The same goes for the door handles. 16 inch two-toned, beautiful alloys are standard on the fully loaded version while the base version gets 15-inch steel rims with simple hubcaps.Toyota Vios 2018 front difference

Moving on to the interior, it’s a completely different car altogether. The base version comes with simple black and beige interior while the fully loaded version has black interior with red inserts in the dash as well as the side door panels which make it feel sportier. The door handles of the fully equipped version are finished in glossy piano black while the simpler version gets a simple rough looking black plastic. Same is the case with the gear knob. On the base version, you get simple fabric seats with a urethane steering wheel as compared to Leather seat covers, and leather stitched steering wheel on the fully equipped version.Toyota Vios 2018 interior difference

On the base version, you also miss out on simple things like high mount stop lamp, intermittent wipers, reverse camera, infotainment system, automatic climate control, steering wheel controls, rear disk brakes, and the best of them all push start with keyless entry.

Some of the standard features include OVRM also knows as side mirror indicators, LED tail lamps, all-four power windows, height adjuster (driver side only), power folding mirrors, immobiliser, traction control, ABS, EBD and BA added with the minimum two airbags (driver+passenger).

Toyota Vios 2018 (16) Toyota Vios 2018 (15) Toyota Vios 2018 (14) Toyota Vios 2018 (13) Toyota Vios 2018 (12) Toyota Vios 2018 (11) Toyota Vios 2018 (10) Toyota Vios 2018 (9) Toyota Vios 2018 (8) Toyota Vios 2018 (7) Toyota Vios 2018 (6) Toyota Vios 2018 (5) Toyota Vios 2018 (4) Toyota Vios 2018 (3) Toyota Vios 2018 (2)

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  1. Nice research by the writer.......the car :oncoming_automobile:Seems to give tough time and vice versa to the new players and entrances s as well s existing ones.....let us c who wins.....depending upon attractive shapes and features n of course price worth vis product.....

  2. if the above mentioned variant arrive pakistan, it will be an instant hit, most likely it will wipe out the ciaz and city, there must be a competitor to the old grandma city now!
    but then again, price always matter more to the consumer

  3. 399.ak says:

    Indus might be thinking to further strip down these features and only provide this shape if they plan to launch it.
    keeping the price sky high just for the sake of provding new model and again looting us.
    Price should be like
    15-16 Lac for Basic
    16.5- 17.5 for full option.

  4. I really think Toyota Indus should discontinue Xli and Gli since they are no longer the budget cars they once were. Vios at a lower price than XLi/GLi makes a lot more sense now.

  5. @399.ak Yes Toyota Indus may strip down some features to keep the price low. If all these features were to be included then no difference would remain between Corolla Altis and Vios other then transmission and engine options.

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