Traffic Rules Violators To Get Jail Of Up to Two Years In Sindh

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The awful condition of traffic, and the lack of abidance by people of traffic laws and regulations have seemed to triggered the Sindh Traffic Police to launch a crackdown.

The Karachi traffic police announced recently that to keep a check on the common road traffic violators; those breaking the rules regarding traffic signals, one-way traffic and traveling on the rooftop of buses and coaches can be imprisoned for up to two years. The authority however didn’t release a lot of other details on the violations except the three mentioned above.

“From Aug 10, the traffic police have decided to get imprisonment of six months to two years for the violators of one way, traffic signals and those buses allowing passengers to travel on rooftops of buses and coaches from courts of traffic magistrates,” said the statement.

According to traffic police spokesperson, the crackdown will begin by next week and that the decision came after the traffic reforms introduced by DIG Traffic, Dr. Amir Sheikh,.

The crackdown on the violators would begin next week, according to a traffic police spokesman, who said the decision was made in line with the traffic reforms recently introduced by DIG-traffic Dr Amir Sheikh.

In light of the worse traffic situation in Karachi, these measures are taken up the by the traffic police and the phase-1 of the operation will target public transport while also lamenting on the unfortunate pressure by different news outlets on the topic of women’s wearing helmets and pillion riding, “There were 13 accidents involving women as pillion riders reported in 2014. Eight of those 13 women died on the spot. The decision was made only for the safety of riders, not to benefit anyone,” the official added.

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  1. Khurram says

    It is a good decision but they should leave buses out of it. Being bus user myself It is very difficult for me to stand inside, even after an hour and a half wait. What will I do in the end? sit on it’s roof of course, because alternate is to either sit in the three wheeled monster and get yourself pain in the whole body, or wait another hour for the bus to come.
    So it is requested that they should arrest arrest private commuters specially bike riders who are blind enough to pancake people walking on foot paths, curse them. Authorities should arrest them and send them to asylum, after imposing fines ranging over Rs. 10,000/-. While I personally hate people who break rules and get away with it. My special curses follow bike riders, since because they are a nuisance and think themselves cut above traffic rules or other people’s rights.

  2. sohaib says

    Since sindh rangers have mashallah closed all illegal channels of zardari and company to collect their khaleeji remittance. The gang has now decided to broaden their blood suction pumps through the legal channels which has now been transformed in the shape of crackdowns on dark glasses, fancy number plates, ban on cng in school vans (they only care for children of karachi mitthi is a part of indian territory) and allocation of imprisonment as punishment. A traffic policeman took from me a bribe of 1020 rupees just because my back mirror was black as my mother gets a migrain and doctor has advised her to avoid sun. he asked me for the bribe or else he threatened me to take the car in his custody from me if i ask for a challan. i was forced to bribe as i could not walk in saddar traffic to find a rickshaw or taxi to go home.

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