Do You Understand These Simple Traffic Signs?

Traffic signs or also known as road signs are signs placed usually at the side of the road to provide information to the people on road. Since the increase in traffic population, countries across the world have adopted this mean of providing information to the people. In this article we have selected few important road signs which you can find on Highways, Motorways, and in-city and what do they mean:

Highway Signs

Highway signs in Pakistan are usually in blue color and their purpose is to deliver information.

  1. Dead End Road

This sign tell you that the road ends here and you cannot go further.


  1. Directions Sign

This is a very common sign and tells the direction of the road which leads to a certain location.



3 One Way

One way sign tells you that there will be no on-coming traffic as it is only one-way traffic road.

one-way     4  No Through Road On Left/Right

This sign informs the road users that the road on left/right is closed ahead.


Appropriate Traffic Lane At Junction Ahead

This sign tells the road users to be in the appropriate lane at the junction ahead.



Motorway Signs

Motorway signs are also informative signs which are put to help the people on road.

  1. Starting Points For Walk

This sign marks the place where the pedestrians can walk. Such as crossing the road.


  1. Ancient Monument

This sign tells about a presence of a monument which is under the care of a national heritage.


  1. Roundabout

This sign tells that this is a roundabout.


  1. Diversion Route

This sign tells about a possible work site ahead due to which an alternate route has been assigned.


5. Picnic Site

This sign tells the road users about the picnic site nearby.


6. Camping and Caravan Site

This sign informs the road users that this is a camping and caravan parking site.


City Signs

  1. Road Closed

This sign informs that the road has been closed and you cannot go on this road.


  1. Give Way

This sign tells the driver to prioritize the driver on the other approach by giving way and moving after him.


  1. Overtaking Prohibited

This sign prohibits the driver to overtake the vehicle in front. This is common on roads with 2-way traffic.


  1. No Entry For Vehicles Exceeding

This sign prohibits the entry of any vehicle which is taller than the defined height.


  1. No Entry for Vehicles Under

This sign prohibits the entry of any vehicle falling short of the defined height.


  1. No Right/Left Turn

This sign prohibits the road users to make a right/left turn.


  1. No Entry

This sign prohibits the road users from entering.


  1. No U-Turn

This sign prohibits the road users for making a U-turn on the road.


  1. No Parking

This sign prohibits the road users from parking their vehicle at a particular spot.


  1. No Stopping

This sign prohibits the road users from stopping on the road and blocking it.


  1. Turn to Left/Right

This sign tells the road users to turn left/right.


  1. Keep to the Left/Right

This sign tells the road user to keep on the left/right side.


13. Carriageway narrows

The sign informs the road user about a narrow road ahead.


14. Level Crossing With Gate

This sign informs the road users about the railway crossing gate ahead.


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