Tyres can carry the load to a certain limit – Read to know how much they can carry!

Safety is one of the main criteria while manufacturing a tire and that’s why they are manufactured in a way that when they are mounted on a car and hit the road, they must withstand the certain things. Load, which a tire can withstand is one of the main aspect during tire manufacturing. This load is actually the ability of a tire to withstand the certain weight. Coded marking regarding the load which a tire can withstand is mostly mentioned on the tires and these markings correspond to the load capacity of a tire. And this load capacity of tire further tells that how much weight each tire of a car is able to carry. Hence, while buying tires, it is necessary that first, you check it with the vehicle’s manufacturer that which kind of tires should be mounted on your car.

This load rating is mentioned on the tire, it is found on the sidewall marking of the tire, before the speed rating, and after the diameter reading. As you can see in the image below. Let’s take an example of the 15-inch tire, manufactured by the General Tire and Rubber Company (GTRC). We have taken this example since for our local Honda and Toyota Corolla it is an OEM tire.

“H” is the speed rating and “91” is the load index. Now, as you can see at the chart, you can find about the capacity of each tire, that how much weight it is able to hold. If we see the load index “91”, it is corresponding to the weight of 615 kg. This means that your locally assembled Corolla and Civic is able to bear the weight of 615 safely on each of its tires.

It should also be mentioned that this index is not merely about the load carrying ability of tire. In fact, it can also be said that weight more than 615 can be put on a static vehicle. But, however, when you are driving, factors like the air pressure in tire, speed of the vehicle, temperature, weather, condition of the surface you are traveling on, road condition etc are also important and play a vital role in determining that how much load will your car be able to hold while getting all these beatings. If we calculate the load of all four wheels, it would be 4×615 equals to 2460. This means that this is the combined weight which your vehicle is able to lift.


If you have observed the transport system of our country, you might have seen that sometimes there is overloading in your car especially more in public transport. This overloading makes you fear the lives of the people who are on board. Even you can see that due to this overloading, the tires of the vehicle are touching their limits. We should not try to test this limit, for everything has a limit and once it’s crossed then the problems would arise. By testing the limit of the tire, you are bringing yourself near to lethal accident. You are not merely playing with your own life, the lives of passengers but even the lives of other motorists and of other vehicles on the road.

That’s all from our side folks, regarding the load of tires. Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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