US government will turn its whole fleet green by 2015

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All American Government vehicles will go green by 2016 as expressed by President Obama during his Georgetown university speech.  Mr. President has instructed all the American government agencies to buy only hybrid and green vehicles, and the goal’s deadline for completion is 2015.

Many auto bloggers write that his speech at Georgetown University had so many implications for the American energy policy that they’ll keep in writing about it for long.

President Obama had expressed full out support the Nat Gas Act. The legislation will boost the number of natural gas powered vehicles. The government will lead by example; President Obama reinforced his speech with facts that Government agencies are one of the biggest buyer of cars and shall only buy cars with alternative fuel, not necessarily natural gas.

“To achieve our oil goal, the federal government will lead by example. The fleet of cars and trucks we use in the federal government is one of the largest in the country,” the President said.

“That’s why we’ve already doubled the number of alternative vehicles in the federal fleet, and that’s why, today, I am directing agencies to purchase 100% alternative fuel, hybrid, or electric vehicles by 2015. And going forward, we’ll partner with private companies that want to upgrade their large fleets.”

But an American blogger termed this goal as unrealistic because energy transitions take many decades, not just ten years to decrease oil imports by one-third.

But America is the market leader in almost everything, its leading the green front as well and the rest of the world gives no attention to this “senseless brouhaha” by the western green media/fanatics – when they must understand that this is a war to dominate energy resources, and is currently at its full pace.

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