VIDEO: My Uncle’s 2087 KMS driven, 2015 Suzuki Cultus’ Handbrake Just Dropped Dead

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When buying an old car, the wise never use the handbrake alone when parked, they always engage it in second or some gear as well, but what you would not expect the wise to do is engage some random gear in a new car. That’s exactly what my Phopha has been doing in his brand new Suzuki Cultus for the past 20 days or so.

The Suzuki Cultus 2015, the executive VXL model, was bought by his company for him from “Suzuki Macca Motors”, so it is a company maintained car throughout and still under warranty however, about 15 days ago, my phopha, a retired army man, went to Suzuki Macca Motors for the first service and while handing the car over, he showed the representative that Handbrake had a complete failure as you can see in the video below:

2015 Suzuki Cultus Handbrake Failure by pakwheels

The representative at Macca Motors just nodded; the car was under warranty and it was a free check-up sort of service. But when the car was handed back, the handbrake was ‘as-is’ and hadn’t been fixed and the representative, whose name I have withheld even though my Phopha gave the name of both the manager and the rep who booked his car in, told him that the issue has been resolved but it wasn’t, it was still as free as an infant who snaps back to his momma’s hand when some relative tries to meet them.

The Cultus is just driven 2807 KMS at the time of taking the photos and you can further subtract a few hundred kms because the issue came some 15 days ago.


Anyways, we know just how ridiculous quality standards are maintained in locally built cars while the imports are mostly totaled, but its a new car and he could’ve pulled the handbrake after parking, not knowing it doesn’t work and leave, the car could’ve rolled down the road and injured somebody. If there existed something like NHTSA in Pakistan, Suzuki would’ve racked up a long list of offenses and a hefty fine toll.

Who else has faced similar issue in their brand new car?

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  1. Rosh says

    Pak Suzuki will pay a “fine” but difference is that I will be deposited into some swiss or newly famed turkish bank account.

  2. Rafay Gillani says

    I have the exact same problem with my 2015 Cultus, the handbrake just doesn’t work, if you stop and pull it, it keeps coming back without pressing the button.

  3. Shahmir says

    I found FAW V2 much better then suzuki cultus in same price tag

  4. Junaid Iqbal says

    o bhai pakistan assembled car hai aur kia expect karo gay ap yar yea to kuch b ni maynay applied for cultus lie thi 2011 show room say jis ka darwazo may touching thi phelay say aur mujay tb pata chal jb manay sale ki wo gari aur may khud shock tha yea kia hu geya phr manay to toba kar lie pakistan assembled cars say

  5. Ahmed says

    Local cars are a piece of junk, overly priced trash. A FAW V2 will be a lot better than this “brand new junk”.

  6. Aamir Bashir says

    I bought a suzuki Alto brand new in 2011 from Suzuki Mardan Motors and i had the same problem with mine after 1 week so for few day when i pulled the hand brake i pushed it towards driver side so it engaged other wise when i pulled it straight it went down the as in video lolzz but then i took it to them and they fixed it …. i had an unbalanced driver front door too … from the very 1st day shame on you suzuki, even the steel wheels are so weak …. over all cheap quality cars

  7. Skt_Z4 says

    O Wow! Sharing your Personal Stories!! Yeah Yeah! That’s your Personal Blog You can do whatever you want!
    BTW It’s Pretty much obvious to Every Pakistani Until now that what kind of Junk they’re selling to Us!
    It’s not a New Big News! :/

  8. Skt_Z4 says

    Yea!! Absolutely! 😛

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