Watch a drag slick (tyre) fitted in a drag race car change shapes

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Tyre changes shapes while performing under pressure; on drag cars, racing cars and all that but there are not a lot of clear demonstrations available showing how actually a tyre fitted on a performance vehicle expands and changes shape.

This video which we found on shows footage from a camera fitted under a funny car which has thousands of torque and horsepower to cross the quarter mile mark within few seconds but the tyres transform into all sorts of shapes which otherwise you wouldn’t even believe.

We all know that the tires grow and expand during a run, but how many of you knew that they go virtually square at the top end of the track? We’ve seen still photos of this phenomena but this video is a simply amazing account of what happens in living color. We watched this video a couple of times and it really is mind blowing. The car and track is unnamed, but it is definitely a nitro burner and it seriously hustles down the track.

Watch this video to see how many brute forces actually a transform the shape of a drag slick.

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