What are we missing in the automotive industry?

Well to begin with, there is not one thing that we are missing in the Pakistani automotive industry. We are missing most major car manufacturers to even open their showrooms in Pakistan which is quite a big loss because we don’t have new car buying options and other we’ll be discussing at some length.Yamaha had to wait years and lobby in the government under massive influence of local auto assemblers to set up their plant here which will give us new options, job and help our industry develop. These are the basic things which can bring the automotive industry up.We don’t even have proper tracks for racing or even racing driver schools, mainly because racing has not been recognized as a profession in Pakistan although we do have an F1 team but tell me yourself; how many people know about it?! The automotive industry is an important global driver of growth, income, employment, and innovation. An automobile enables a degree of flexibility and mobility that was dreamed up of a century ago. Consequently, the automotive sector impacts global economic activity in a variety of ways. In Germany, the automotive industry is one of the biggest employers, accounting for more than 14 percent of all workers in manufacturing. Employees work not only at the major automakers but also at many family-run and medium-sized companies in the supplier industry. The automotive industry accounts for just under 8 percent of total industrial added value in Germany. This percentage is unusually high by comparison with other industrialized countries. The significance of exports has grown continually in recent years. Today more than three-fourths of the passenger cars produced in Germany are exported. Germany is the world’s fourth-largest auto-producing country after Japan, China, and the U.S. To boost our crippling economy and automotive industry, we have lessons to learn from all over the world to avoid any unfavorable conditions. The market is vast and full of opportunities, and though security and political situation is unstable, the market promises a lot of growth if only the government ends the local auto assemblers influence on it, we can offer a good market with competitive pricing which favor the whole country; it’s economy, job sector, growth, R&D and development.

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