Why I Ride

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This is one question but there could be as many answers as there are riders. People ride for different reasons but one thing is common in all of us and that is sense of freedom we enjoy while riding.

This sense can be seen working at its top on the streets and roads of our beloved country. But this is not the freedom I am talking about, this is entirely a different sensation of openness and joy.

This is well explained by Stephen M. John of msn autos in these words: “Your nose will get a vivid introduction to skunk road kill and diesel exhaust, but will also revel in bread baking and plants blooming. Your body will feel the thousand tiny impacts of raindrops and absorb the buffeting of the wind. Your skin will feel the gently warming temperature as you crest a hill and drop to the valley floor below. You are no longer huddled behind a wheel disconnected from nature. ” Yes very true when riding we are part of the environment not excluded and disconnected by a steel cage we call car. We actually see and feel the world around us while riding, not just pass through it.

The fun factor involved in riding is hard to explain to someone who has never ridden but a motorcyclist understands the excitement of leaning into corners and the pleasure of shifting gears, opening throttle onto an open road.

One who has never ridden will never comprehend the thrill of power sliding on dirt track or the feeling of elation rider has despite fatigue after the completion of a technical section.

The affiliation and attachment a rider has with his machine is once again hard to understand for a non motorcyclist. A car owner and a motorcycle owner might feel the same after spending an hour washing and polishing their machines but the smile that comes on the face of a motorcyclist when he opens the garage in the morning is unique.

Riding is not a hobby or habit, it is passion with most riders. This passion is reflected in everything, from personal clothing to custom painting a bike. Riders are mostly sociable and fun lot, they are friendly and easy to approach. You must have seen motorcyclist wave and gesture at another rider even though he was a stranger just because they share the same interest.

Despite brand and style loyalty, you are welcomed in any motorcycle gathering just because you have the same passion that never needs explanation. When it comes to freedom not all motorcyclists are immune to stupidity. Some young foolish riders will perform wheelies on busy city streets and some less mature riders will wear nothing for safety. But do we have to do this to attract attention or express freedom and is this how we define fun? Cant the act of riding itself be enough? Sensible and mature riders understand what riding is all about. They never compromise on safety, not only theirs but others as well. They keep their stunts to race track or competitions off the city streets. A good rider knows that threat of collision is a threat to both the parties so he avoids undue risks to prevent accidents.

For a good sensible rider the act of riding itself is the source of excitement, joy and fun. So always ride for the right reasons and with right attitude. I ride only because I love it and it’s a hell lot of fun. I will end it here with Ian Chadwick’s words:

“If you’ve never ridden, you can’t comprehend. But once you try it, you’re hooked for life.”

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